Strumming Some Heartstrings

Tuesday, September 30, 2003
at 10:17 AM

yo~ yuan lai sunday i nv blog sia.. hmm where did i go ah? orh.. i sick .. (-.-) ok liao la.. im fine liao.. today already tuesday.. its my school off day as well so sian.. hmm ytd is Miss Jastina Lim Xie Chew Ling birthday.. phewz..~ wad a long name sia~hahaha~ okok dun make fun of her name la.. wait she ~~>.<~~ keke. ytd dunno she kena wad spell always see me will laugh until so jialat...(-,-")she say everytime see my face feel like laughing.. my face reli so alien mehx.. kuku de.....really like spend time wif my gal friends.. they r very nice to be wif .. of cos la.. if not why we can be friends for so long..=) jastina got her nose pierced n jasmine got her ear pierced look so nice leh~~ envy sia!!! keke they both say not tat pain ia lso want lehx.. but nursing like cannot lehx.. haiz. haha dunno where my $80 gone to sia.... spend spend $50 gonex... now left $30.. nvm tml getting pay hehe.. but next time wun have to collect pay at 30th again... becos i dun wan to work there again anymore.. gif me face some more la.. :x im an evil girl~ hehehe.. listening to s.h.e he bing gong yuan.... nice sia.. the song saying how the couple or rather the guy changes... they use hold hands there... summer's too good for breakup.. so the girl is keeping her mum from saying breakup.. but when she look into the waters, she realise the love btw them is fading...aiyoyo~!!! so sad rite? but heng i faster listen to superstar~ ni shi dian ni shi guang~ ni shi wei yi de sheng hua~.. u r my superstar boy~... hmm nothing much to say le.. just miss colin alot.. many days nv meet him le.. his school reli very mang.. last week onli see him like once cos.. i sick also cant go out.. he cant come my house.. but got lar.. last friday got meet him.. hope can see him soon.... tats all~
you know you love me

Saturday, September 27, 2003
at 4:10 PM

this morning measure again.. close to 41 degrees.. think my fever getting worse.. the previousdoc gif me the medicine.. like no use leh.. the fever go awya also go away awhile nia.. no use de.. puiX*!! just now i go see the 24 hour clinic doc.. he jab at my butt for fever de.. now feeling ok le... but got new set of medicine to eat le.. the antibiotics this time reli super BIG lor!!! nv blufff.... now i got 5 types of pills to eat.. n 2 fluid medicine.. hiong sia.,. hmm my bloody dad still not so bad la.. at least after he say bad things abt me n make me sad.. he still bring me to the doc.. if not i will die at home liao... 56$ lor.. no cheap... its more then 2 times expensive then ytd the doc charged... .. hmm granny says must rest well.. today actually got house warming party.. also cant go.. shit it man......
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Friday, September 26, 2003
at 5:02 PM

hmm~ today sick sia.. tempt is 38.5 degrees..... one moment hot.. one moment cold........ the doc say i got gastric flu... pain sia.. everytime i breathe.. my stomach will pain de... help help.. i nv listen to my ah ma.. she say dun bathe i go n bathe.. thenbecome very cold.. then i ate 4 pills for fever de..the whole body become very hot... btu i feel like going out wif my bf later lehx... haiz,, sunday dunno wan to work anot.. i sick leh... then my bf say dun torture myself.. dun go liao la.. becos i at work always very stressed de.. .. then plus the ytd event.. i reli very sick n tired of the captain.. hoep i not under the "say ping" again.. bloody hell.. ok lar.. nothing to write le.. see ya again tml!!! ?:P.. sorry vivi.. today cant go wif u. i sleep until now sia.. ... jaa.
you know you love me

at 12:51 AM

arghhhhhh... i wun work fullerton ever.they wan to make me dulan no choice liao lor..actually is oni one which reli pissed me off!the fooker captain!!! i once go up he like dulan my face..then ask me go 5th level help the guy then upstair already enough ppl liao lor i at there extra onli then he like every few hours come n spot check me here n there ask me got things to do anot kaoz as if i lazy n nv do my work.then i at the roof garden suddenly feel like vomiting.i vomit 3 times wor.then my very cold n till nails turn purple dun nid to do manicure liao~ painted*.. haha heng the in charge there.treat me quite good...they not like the say ping!(captain)he everytime tdiao me like tat.u noe anot. he like look at my eyes then like dunno wad to say for very long dunno wad he wants.ask him where is the brown sugar he at there stone until i open the wrong cupbaord then he say me : already tell u not there still go n open!kaoz..... nvm i acting very good de~ :Pthe whole day i dun wan to look into his eyes.jsut becos i work shearaton be4 doesnt mean i noe everything at fullerton lor..althoug he nv say hsi "yan shen" gave off himself. thinking tat i very stupid rite? tmd fooker him...... ok lor . i work there onli the 3rd time lor.everytime go is sure under him... -.-"the first 2 times not so bad. no ppl there then will tok to ppl there like treat me new bird everyting trow to me to do... arghhhh if not see the money in my eyes u think i will so polite tok to him lehx.wait until his hair white n panda eyes get bigger also wun have hor!!!worst part coming........the moment i go report to him. he say i reli made the other captain pissed off wif me .. becos i say my bf waitng for me downstairs so i have to leave at 6..i noe tat time maybe i too much. but i go apologize wif the captain(ivan) liao.he say he long forget liao see! i noe hte whole fullerton onli he is the "ji chou" one..then he told me today have to cancel all mya ppointments. to work allt he way until 1130..hello babes!cant he see that im sick liao lor!so coldn shivering liao.stilla sk me work until so late.then break liao i complain all to jasmine.wah if dun have jasmine i sure at ther cry until die..she help me tell her captain(dickson)he is a good one.wan to go can go one lor..jasmine help me say we both work until 6pm must leave.then the captian say ok liao. somemore last week we already write on a slip say we work from 10- 6pm if fullerton cannot accept this timing shouldnt allow us to work today lor then i tell tat "say ping" say the slip i already write i work until 6pm liao.he say cannot . must at least tell the manager then can leave at 6..he say: im ur captain or he is ur captain!! dio me one more time! i ren puiz i act pityful then i say im sorry becos tml i have exams~i even smile lor!now i finding myself more n more hypocrite liao..but cant help it la. if i gif him face he sure make me the scapgoat of something..then he say then now : u can leave liao . here dun need u!good lor.. as if i wanna stay...u think i like to his his bloody face mehx !!pui x 1000nvm actually i almost wan to cry liao
but i go find jasmine
then the dickson there.
he good guy mahz.
i asked him got anythign for me to do anot
he say: y so early release liao
i tell the truth lor
i say say ping dun like me
he say i ok anot. haha. he ask me dun cry
nvm i strong girl wad u think i so easy cry mehx.
he wan me to earn lesser money rite?
haha me n jasmine work until 7. thanks to dickson. althoug he have alot of staff liao. but he still let us stay n earn 1 more hr
haha~ i so tong kuai
back to hell wif him!!!!!!!
you know you love me

Wednesday, September 24, 2003
at 7:03 PM

hi evening eveyone~.. hmm today is just a boring day like ytd.. but i think tml will be a tiring day.. becos im working.. maybe work from 10am all the way to 1130pm.. but dunnog to bus home anot.. just finish reading my friend's krissy blog.. see her small small like alot of sadness like tat lehx.. aiyo.. hope she can cheer up.. ture love not so easy to find de.. in this whole world only one will spend his rest of the life wif you..... n you alone. really lor.. sometimes i also will qian jiu my bf if he does something which i dun like or make me sad... like the "mei ren yu" show, li he says to duo li.. asking her if she will still stay wif her even he does something which makes her disappointed or sad... If u love someone no matter wad he or she does. althoug at first will angry or sad.. but ur heart still will love n thinks of him...

hohoho.. enough of preaching.. but recently got some ppl will find me for consultation sia.. love affairs again.. eh~ i look like expert in love mehx.. :P okok dun puke~ those who confide in me of their love problems.. alwyas is becos they dun understand wad the girl or boy is thinking.. and maybe they should tell how they feel to their other half..becos only when both parties stop guessing abt wad each other is thinking.. must be some misunderstanding in btw thats y will quarrel de.... unless the girl/boy deliberately wants to do all this so tat the boy/girl will suggest breakup 1st.. .. those cunnign girls n boys will appeared like they have been hurted. becos is the other party wan break 1st de.. kaoz! i hate this kind of ppl! but in the eyes of those who love them, they seemed so INNOCENT N PURE. PUIZZZZZ..... hahaha.. ok lar.. dun let all this affect my mood... ciaoz.
you know you love me

Tuesday, September 23, 2003
at 4:18 PM

today is still a tuesday this blog is for today de.. hmm.. dunno i can go the house warming anot... now still nobody to replace my shift... somemore i got work fulerton too.. how sia.. dun go wun die rite?scared they next time wun gif me shift liao.. how how... haiz.. but also cannot do anything maybe thursday go n tell them i cant work on saturday.. another boring day today kept rainign.. finally pia finish my vcd liao.. hmm the mei ren yu the ending like no meaning leh... disappoint me lehx.. i tot have wad type of ending.. hahah dun tell u too much .. wait vivi will noe the ending, den not nice le. somehow i got a feeling i wun go to strawberi house for the house warming, then present also dun nid to buy liao lor... :x wait vivi kill me ah.. .. ok lar.. blog until here liao....
you know you love me

at 12:58 AM

morning all~ this blog is for ytd too~ cos is after midnight lio.. hmm nothing nto blog today lehx... boring day.. today my lecture cancel so i go for 1 tutorial onli.. 4pm come back.. hmm this week reli xiong leh.. thinking of whether wan to go strawberi house anot.. guess i going back on my word le.. must tell vivi cant go for the house warming.. becos my shift on saturday no one can tkae over leh... haiz.. i also hate to work.. hope god can gif me a replacement for sat shift.. if not i reli cant go liao.. hmm.. wondering wad to get for that girl's big day.. kuku.. my head cracking up... :P hmm wan an.. dear all~
you know you love me

Monday, September 22, 2003
at 12:22 AM

geez i siao liao blog 2 times.. forget to say today i cry sia....... haha this also must say.. in j8 somemore... becos colin trying on a t shirt at poa.. then he reli like..... but abit ex la.. but i think he looks nice in it.. somemore everytime go poa he sure see that tee shirt... so i think i buy for him while he changing in the fitting room.. i tot can gif him a surprise.. but he said : why did u buy it!" like not very happy... haiz.. my heart broken sia.. i tot can gif him a surprise he say he not reli very like the tee.. while my heart like dropped from 4th floor.. i cried sia.. cos this is my ard earned money last week.. then he say he dun like .. my effort like throw into the drain... my tears started dripping.. haiz.. i kept thinking im stupid n acted on myself too much.. haiz.. but in the end he said actually he liked it.. but say dun wan me to spend this kind of "yuan wang" money on a tee.. but he liked it wad.. so i say its ok de.. he my bf wad... ~>.<~ then after tat he said he like the tee very much. n kissed me~ :D~ yeah~ hao bah.. thats all~.....ciaoz
you know you love me

at 12:20 AM

hohoho~ back from watching the movie "my boss's daugther" wif colin~ funny show~ hmm worth watching it~ :D~ geez dunno if me n jas working this thurs n sat.. think sat i cant work leh.. cos sat i got shift at sheraton... hehe today i bought a new skirt~ from bum~ cheap sia.. $19.90 nia...~ tiaoz.. this sat is cai mei house warming!!! how sia!!1 geez... (-.-*) let me think first.. hmm nothing much to blog lioa.. hmm.. missed chatting wif an irc pal nick "irulez" anyone saw in any channel inform me k... provided im online la!!! keke ok la.. i go liao bye!!!
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Sunday, September 21, 2003
at 12:22 AM

oops!! today saturday liao1! erm.. should say sunday le.. ~ long time nv blog liao.. cos busy working from friday till now.. finally tml i off. nv work.. need to save up some money for my dear.. 8th month coming.. he bought me a watch sia.. hehe so nice of him.. but i receiving it 2 weeks later.. on our 8th month together.. he showed me the watch just noe.. no wonder he said no money to eat since aftenoon until dinner time then can eat the canteen food at the work place just now.. hmm actually i dun quite like fullerton.. also there the pay is $6/hr.. but maybe i have no friends there even if got jasmine , they also "pai" her to other rooms.. diff from mine.. fullerton i admit the workload is far more lighter than sheraton.. but the captain there like abit funny de... for nothing will tok de.. then i alos not very familiar wif him.. he tease me for waD? then sometimes he friendly sometimes he ask me to stand outside the dinner room n see the guest come already anot.. say new bird cannot stand wif them .....wad f**k? haha dun so vulgar.. i saying fook la.. dun anyhow think wor~~ hehe.. ok lar.. hmm nothing else to blog liao~ Attention: hmm vivi!!!! i wan to see jan nara vcd!!! when u free to pass me!!!!! :P
you know you love me

Thursday, September 18, 2003
at 12:18 AM

lolx die liao always late by one day for my blog sia... haha nobody wan to see my blog liao sian sia.. today go bf house make spaghetti for him he sick sia..hope he feel better after the "ju hua cha" i made for him.. 2 bottles sia.. he "shui tong".. very fast finish all lian sia... fever. but he ok abit liao..his mama let him anyhow eat not "ying yang" food no wonder so slow get well.. :P i abit mean ah.. say ppl's mama.. :x sorry ah bf! hahaha... wow at his house also nothign much to do.. watched 2 vcds astronaut's wife n runaway bride.. untill wan to sleep sia.. then after tat i go home liao lor.. hmm ying today go he toery test wor.. so good.. i basic still haven booked leh.. waiting for yuer bday!!! arh!! faster come!! :X hmm tml have work, cant late liao la wait jasmine kp!! buaiz!!
you know you love me

Tuesday, September 16, 2003
at 1:44 AM

hehe.. ni men hao.. ytd i lazy to blog sia.. so today then blog.. hmm today is my first day att fullerton hotel work banquet.. the ppl there some r friendly some r snogs.. haha heng got my bf pei me go fullerton cos i late mahz.. . if not i reli dunno how to go leh.. if u ask me to go to the meeting room myself i will still get lost lor.. well the captain there brief too much n takes too long le.. me listen until want to sleep n thirsty sia.. so i steal a few sips from the orange juicE~ muahaha.. geez jasmien work at the western side.. me n jiahui serve the chiense dinner lolx.. got 7 dishes sia.. i knew it!! western onli have 4 courses.. damn it!! but all i do today is pour tea nia~ nothing much la.. just tat i too eng until the captain find me like nothing to do.. i walk around the tables like 20 times an hour? hahaa.. its normal cos i nv serve dinner mhaz.. but the dinnner served at fullerton is like serving the vip at sheraton leh.. portion properly liao then serve them .. wow... but i find there not quite organised la. but also not my prob. i just jolly well work until 1130 n rush for my last train!!! argh!! i nv work until 1130pm again.!! have to take cab home!! tmd. ~~>.<~~
you know you love me

Sunday, September 14, 2003
at 1:44 AM

hmm today me n vivi huan dao zhui zhui zhui~~ finding all the pedicure n manicure in singapore ~ i wun say we first go to bishan then go yishun then go to orchard tower.. then we go to ps de lor. on the way reli is sweat n "jian fei-ing" hahaha. anyway guess i eat back too. cos i went his house n ordered pizza again. geekz.. thats fattening..... muahaha..... but i whole day onli eat maggi mee come out liao.. so super hungry!! yeah.. finally got a great deal for both pedi n mani at ps le!! at the price of $46!! but i think n think.. my nails so short.. reli is bo hua hor.. but vi say do liao will nails grow faster then can help to whiten my hand wor the shop keper says........ lolx wait look very qi guai cos my hands white then my legs n body tan!!! ah!!!! yao guai!!!!! hahaa. joking.. anyway just try lor nv do b4 somemore is the cheapest we can get.. lolx~~ wow just now colin say he watching the turn left n right wif me wor.. sacrifice sia.. hmm.. but we check hor.. tml 720pm show the last 3 rows got some ppl book liao. wah lao.. still can be more kiasu anot... hehe.. actually i also kiasu i ask colin come n 330pm tml go buy the tix if not no more... xP(typical me)yeah~. yawnz* bye~
you know you love me

Friday, September 12, 2003
at 1:31 AM

yoyo...... today is lantern fastival lehx... i spend wif my bf shujuan n huiyi... we 4 of us go explanade n play.. tamade.... first time tio warn by the explanade ppl cannot play at their property.... other ppl can play we cannot play.. kuku la tat fellow. pui pui pui.... haha then we go the he pan there n play colin was nice to make for me the sparks words I ("v") H but the fire works burn very fast in the end cant see anything hahhahaa. waste his affort... lolx.. somtimes i reli thankful got him by myself. think there wun be anyone who can tolerate me this much n love me for so long. hee hee first time...... yeah yeah.... lolx still rem tat day go jas mine house i say i lost my most precious thing......... feelings in a relationship. they tot i lost my "erhum" wah lao...... (-_-|||) pengz... hehe well together im very happy hope im always this happy...... an eh. forget to say today go fullerton interview.. see the "stressed" manager face.... we also "stressed" but me n jasmine n her 2 other friends going to work this monday liao.. colin wan to go interview also too late le.... becos he next week holiday mahz. he very tui . no work. ehheh. okok enough of colin. paiseh ah its my blog not his.. well also nothing more for me to write le.......... but abit sad i scared cant watch the turn left turn right on sat.... hurhur. reli wan to watch tat show la!!! pedicure dun so exp la!!!! "duo gen ni shuo le fang shuo!! bu yao zai ting ni de jie ku!!" sorry i siao le :x
you know you love me

Tuesday, September 09, 2003
at 2:06 PM

dear friends... hmm ytd after my school go work le.. hmm its the first day without him by my self..ytd's $46.60 was the most difficult to earn.. becos normally i go work is becos he got work too then he alwys help me de.. so most of the things like become more tedious for me.. even if i with qiuyun n eric.. that bloody eric onli help his stead hahaha. well tats very normal for couples.. shujuan says couples in ST is very "xian shi".. lolx.. u noe wat i mean rite? :x hmm since the day b4 ytd everyone's been telling me he is a very good guy.. how come break? all those shock faces... (0_0) hehe but i also hate to lose the one who love me so much... my friends all said its better to find someone who loves u 1oo% while u love him 99%. i nv met someone who love me as much.. maybe i should gif it some thought.... i dunno abt the future.. but definitely now i want him back... provided he will gif me the amount of space i wanted.. :xXx he sound so anxious when he received my msg.. tat he must change is attitude in order to have me back.. but everything is back to the same..but i still hope somethings changes.......
you know you love me

Monday, September 08, 2003
at 10:30 AM

hmm after been woke up by the constuction workers who renovating m block.. later still got lesson at 1pm.. haiz.. scared lehx.. my bio pract results i think come out le.. please please god gif me some grace.. hmm wander how today will go.. wifout him will everything change alot? hope he is not waiting for me.. becos im not sure if i will go back to him.. up to now he is still the guy whom i love most.... 10.24am 8 sep.
you know you love me

at 2:38 AM

ke lian ke lian.. me kelian or him.. i dunno.. becos we both shi lian le.. guess things r fated to happen this way.. we finally end this relationship.. i dunno if i should be happy or sad or feel freed again. but i think both of us need somtime to cool off.// changing for the other party is not always right.. if it is unreasonable no point in changing... like jasmine told me.. thank god i got 3 good friends wif me.. if not i reli will break down if i faced too much stress when toking to him.. reli reli no feeling le.. hope its for the good of both of us.. today he called me n asked me where i go i said my auntie house..but int he end wad found out im lying.. i dunno where to hide.. maybe im so use to lying when i wanted to go out wif my friends.. becos if i dun go out wif him instead of friends he will be angry or should i say im preventing the volcano from erupting.. but got this 3 angels guiding me wor.. at first i also dunno wad to do de..finally i made the decision to leave him.. maybe gif each other time to cool off bah.. ..nitex peng you men.. a million thanks to jasmine viv n jastina.. muahahaa.... im a lucky gal 2 have u all!!!
you know you love me

Sunday, September 07, 2003
at 1:13 PM

yoz ppl... ytd i was very tired.. both physically tired n emotionally or maybe spiritally... hehe i miss my God... n my church. ytd i start work from 10 till 6pm... so super tired.. then my bf wanted to send me to meet my friend, but i say dun need becos he surely will jealous if he noes it was a guy im meeting.... but my this friend going bali the next morning so wun be back for a few days so meet me de.. but he dun understand.. just insist to go.. but i just reject lor.. then from morning until evening he gif me a black face n nv call or msg me.. i feel like a total moodless person when he treat me like tat.. reli feel suck lor.. worse is yet to come.. i at newton mrt waiting for train to meet my friend when he called n say she cant meet me tat early... and my tat boyfriend thinks im meeting some guys tats why ask him dun follow asked me to wait at city hall first... the time he set himself saying meet 7pm at city hall in the end 745 still dun come.. will im not tat stupid but i actually waited 1/2 hr before i left for home.. he gif me those crap saying traffice jam "wah kao cant you wait a while?" i really is pissed off lor.. so i just left.. tired.. very tired... then in the train he called me say he reached le.. i apologised tat im reli not in the mood to meet him be cos im already bad mood le.. then he crapping again " hello gal.. dun tell me u nv late before!" i immediately found tat i chose to go out wif the wrong guy... cupped his call. then he msg something to scold me la.. actually i expected it... he is not a friendly guy from the beginning.. please lor got guy let ger wait for so long n nv even bother to say sorry de ma?? tat guy is hopeless i tell u. well that bloody friend is not in sg now.. think wun contact him ever. then then then......... u guys must have tot i go home le rite?.. i meet my ex boyfriend.. actually we r friends again le lor.. so i told him abt me n n bf.. we sit down tok then after tat he console me n say maybe should this this relationship another try, saying my bf love me too much so will scared more n more to lose me... so become suspicious.. i dunno wat so say so just sit quietly beside him lor.. after tat we went to the movies watching "pirates of the carribean" he kept asking me if im cold.. but i just said no even if im reli cold... haha.. duhx.. i dun wan anymore things to happen if not things will get complicated... haha. im thinking too much. during the show, my bf msg me 16 times n 23 missed calls... i just refused to answer any of tat jealous creature's call... he kapt doubting me say i go out wif guy rite.. all those shit.. reli cant stand it lor.. but after tat i got meet my bf la.. he meet me at amk n send me home cos reli no bus liao... haha.. i noe he still loves me...... but kept feeling tat thos feelings for him is getting lesser by love for him can be measured de. haha.. sometimes i dunno if i tong qing him or i really love him...
you know you love me

Friday, September 05, 2003
at 1:51 PM

gals n n guys........ haha ytd my bf complain say tat i nv call or msg him for the last few days fof my chalet.. duhx.. hai.z.. sometimes i reli thinks tat meaning unattached is a kind of bless.... maybe in disguise? :P
you know you love me

Thursday, September 04, 2003
at 12:03 PM

hiz~~ hey!? looking at my first blog?? your r at the right blog man~.... hope to receive more comments from u guys~!~!!! (,")(",)
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