Strumming Some Heartstrings

Sunday, November 27, 2005
at 11:49 AM

good morning Holy Spirit............ is the book i want yuxin to lend me.. hehe.. glad that she finds the ulf ekman book apply to her needs.. yes, i love that book, something abt your capactiy in God. hmm... and its easy to read.. :P i hate those books which 1/2 the time i was figuring wad it means.. God's grace... :P

was chatting with marvis just now.., can tell u i quite like this cg member that i have, cos she is special to me, every single member of cos are special to me in every other way. i find that she is always creative and v humourous, and of cos she is a woman of God whom attracts me to this friendship. :) initiately, i use to find that she was those proud type, or maybe when she don smile she look like she could kill.. keke but just like ther way she present herself, disciplined and keeping her word. i always think that we can be best of friends. i hope i can share anything and everything. just wanna tell her im sorry, im not perfect, and imay have irritating tone without realising.. i reli dunno i was presenting such an image to her all this while, till she told me all of it.. .. of cos it wasnt a pleasant feeling. me on the other end.. just trying to find out wad happen to the A&M game.. she shouted back at me. i was slight pissed, and was angry, but now its alright.. the bible says love one another, to fulful God's commandment in our lifes.

singing: Jesus~~ lover of my Soul~~~ Jesus i will nv let u go.......~
you know you love me

Wednesday, November 23, 2005
at 12:35 AM

listening to the frog show.. zhu ti qu, "zhen Ai" quite nice.. catchy tune, sent by colin to me.. sang by club 183.. dunno wat went wrong, was quite angry when having a conversation with Colin just now.. i think im too hot, so my mood affected, but how can i be hot when im not sweating? hmm funny. but was sick today, mum told me not to go out, but i wanted to watch harry potter BADLY, so i went with my jacket and long sleeve tee, hmm.. was feeling bloated when eating mos burger and i tot my waist is breaking.. dunno why my body kept aching, asked yuxin and marvis they said symptoms of flu and fever.. but actually my fever is alright.. came out bcos my temp read 36.3 degrees..

Its really nice harry potter, full of magical creatures and curses as usual but dunno why i cannot sit still, dunno joanna and jiabin got pissed anot, cos i kept moving front n back front n back becos i wanna go toilet.. bt didnt wanna miss any part of it. overall today is a rainnnny day.. and my floor at home was icy cold, especially the toilet ones.. actually didnt wanna bathe but no choice need to go out watch movie so must bathe.. shiiiiiverrrrrr...

Tomorrow going to bible study, and fasting for my family tomorrow.. praise the Lord. waiting for miracles. :)
you know you love me

Monday, November 21, 2005
at 7:21 PM

hey diary, today is a rainy weather, was feeling cold and took out my winter jacket to wear.. my mum say i sord, 28 degrees onli wanna wear jacket.. cos im going korea on 29th november.. actually im not sure if i can go.. cos my results not out yet.. and i felt i didnt do well.. how sia... this time reli need God's grace.. if not all my clothes all lang fei.. well do not worry.. even if i dun get to go.. i wun blame it on God and i will take my retest with faith. holiday can go anytime. but it will be a waste la.. and will get dad to scold me.. haha.. :P

today did almost next to nothing, was browsing through all the chinese worship and praise song to play on the guitar. found : my source, my redeemer lives and you are/ you are the Lord. Hope i can play for my mum and dad at home and they will sing with me and worship the Lord at home.. not slacking but getting close to God everyday.. :) went to hougang mall today with my parents and er jie, go buy a neck scarf for myselfand a knitted top to wear inside.. woohoo.. my dad said bring me out very dangerous.. for nothing will spend more than needed.. haha..

*sneeze* my throat is dry and i dun feel good inside.. guess im sick.. hope to get well b4 29thNov.. waiting for tomorrow.. hehe.. bible reading marathon and movie!!!

And my focus now are: A. focusing on God and be discipled in Church. (disciple of Christ)
B. focus on leading my family members closer to Christ, like my cousin Rina and er jie and family to Christ.
C. Focus on getting the new members like Li yong Jiewan and my cousin
comfortable in the cell.
D. Not to get distracted by how good Colin is to me, but his salvation is
the most important thing for his life.
E. get a job in the hospital and work very hard for Glory to Him!
you know you love me

Sunday, November 20, 2005
at 9:53 PM

good evening diary, was reli inspired by wad pst Kong preached yesterday about being focus.. it reli struck me becos all along i find that i was crusing through.. i wasnt sure which was my direction to move on and didnt put God in my decision making.. and was happy i got the purpose back!! hehe... Thank God.. i now know that christian walk wasnt reli easy becos when i say yes i want to walk in Jesus's way!!, im saying : come problems, trials and tribulations AIM HERE!!!! at first im reli scared, becos who wants problems in their lifes?? but im sure it will be a walk filled with glory... becos when we overcome something, any problem in our life, we are enthroned with a crown from Heaven! :) It will glorify us and our Father in Heaven...

Today went to chinese church with my parents, my 3rd uncle and his daughter Rina.. was glad that they kept going to church on their own.. and met up with jie wan for service together. hmm... im glad i went with her, get to know abit more abt her. and i find that if we desire to walk in their life, tap into it, they will open up.. it is not as difficult as i thought.

Pastor Tan was preaching today abt God's glory, how to shine out God's glory. Glory is light , bright, good reputation, andd value. Letting God fill ur surrounding with glory, like ur school ur work place and family. Some ppl say having glory is being proud, just want to be average, low profile~~ NO!! its not right!! we need to change that thought. We on Earth need to bring glory to God and do excedingly well for Him!! Sometimes we may askGod: God~~ why u put me in this situation, u dun love me anymore!! its misery for me!! u forget to bless me...
And began to grumble to God, which is not right. wad God reli wants for us is glory.. thats why we need to go through fire and bad times and persecutions to be able to shine out glory.. ***important*** God will not give u a problem that is too heavy for u to bear... that means it is saying any problem given to us is measured for us to break though the problem, nothing can get us down!! like example; when we go on stage to get our graduation certificate.. its glory right? after overcoming so many tests and exams... its reli tough times.. but wat is the end result? the glory of doing ur best and God's grace on ur study~!! when we get our cert.. our parents also get glory too.!! just like our Father in Heaven, if we do good works on Earth, winning souls to Christ, He will be glorified like us too~ i will bring glory to Him!!

Just finish watching Harry potter on tv just now.. waiting for tuesday to come... hurhur!!! watching with cellgroup... hiakz..
you know you love me

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
at 11:24 PM

hey hey.. gals n guys.. finally blogging again.. reli lazy nowadays.. hope i can be less lazy and dun be a couch potato by the end of the day.. been out ytd with Juan to go bishan eat her "smelly" ban mian reli cant stand the egg smell.. she reli can finish the whole bowl dunno why.... reli got so nice meh??/ dn get it. and ytd her eyeliner was the nicest liao.. maybe draw many times very pro le..

after eat her smelly ban mian with rotten egg, we thought of go walk walk see the cinema got any nice show to watch anot.. den actually i all the whiel was thinking of my fave girl, Emily Rose... haha.. so i dun care juan faster go queue first.... i even show my "jue zhao" stamp my feet.. keke.. so in the end she alsoo say anything la.. cos no choice.. den i also top up her balance.. reli is idiot sia.. but nvm.. can scare her also quite good.. this is a real mouse i can say. she even the court part of the show she also wanna cover face.. dunno pay money go in see hands for wat.. also wun pop out from the screen.. but over all the show is quite nice.. gotta know why she died and wad happened during the exocism.. was quite scary.. cos she was screaming like tomorrow nv come.. no chance to scream. -.- its reli proved to the world that there r demons in this world and of cos God exist too.. and He is greater than watever that dwell within emily's body.. that poor girl was devoted and wanted to let more ppl know God is alive to save them out or demonic possession and many life distress.... Praise God, He is with me always.. :)

Juan after that still went to ntuc walk walk.. dunno for wat also.. nv buy anything just to clear her thoughts she claimed. but after that she still grumble i nv take train with her... but pls leh.. onli 1 stop.. make wad diff? kuku sia... -.- kk la.. now she still in ktv sing song... hope she think of emily rose now!!! hee hee hee.....
you know you love me

Wednesday, November 09, 2005
at 2:08 PM

Been to the zoo and back with colin last week is reli fun!!! although its a hot day and both were reli tired... thank you colin!!! Was fasting for my family on tuesdays so look abit tired... but still interested to see all the animals!! see ya again later soon...
you know you love me

at 2:05 PM

the REAL zebras.. Posted by Picasa
you know you love me

at 2:03 PM

when deer n zebra r together.. Posted by Picasa
you know you love me

at 2:02 PM

nice shadow.. Posted by Picasa
you know you love me

at 2:01 PM

failed picture with orstrich (did i spell it correctly?) Posted by Picasa
you know you love me

at 2:00 PM

trying to make a pose out of it.. duhxx. Posted by Picasa
you know you love me

at 1:59 PM

i had a lousy day.. *cough*Cough* Posted by Picasa
you know you love me

at 1:58 PM

this is the BOY polar... Posted by Picasa
you know you love me

at 1:56 PM

polar swims... She's reli a BIG GIRL Posted by Picasa
you know you love me

at 1:54 PM

me n colin,, where is he looking! Posted by Picasa
you know you love me

at 1:49 PM

colin infront of the tallest anima!!!! poster... Posted by Picasa
you know you love me

at 1:48 PM

wolf perfume... sniff sniff. Posted by Picasa
you know you love me

at 1:47 PM

polar bear bear... reli big... its a female! Posted by Picasa
you know you love me

at 1:39 PM

me taken with it, hiding behind me. Posted by Picasa
you know you love me

at 1:38 PM

cant figure out wad animal issit in the zoo!! Posted by Picasa
you know you love me


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