Strumming Some Heartstrings

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
at 4:52 PM

Boundaries in Dating

Its irony how after a thousand years later did i start to read a book given to me by Gershon, its all brown n yellow now, but still somehow i decided to pick up this book to read and surely i will need to know stuffs from it someday. :)

There is a particulare chapter that i liked alot, its about what u can live with and what you cannot live with. I think in my whole 24 yrs, i have nv consider this properly until the mid of last yr, as me mave and li decided to set some goals for our future relationships then. So what were my past goals in a future boyfriend would be:

1) to have a C S personality, a person who is detailed and dun need to say out everything for him to understand.

2) to have a stable income with money that we can save together for mission trips each year.

3) To have a leadership position in church same or higher than me.

4) have the same purpose n goal in life.

5) Character wise is to treat everyone the same as how he would be in front of me.

6) must be gernerous.


But after reading about this R/s chapter, i found out that there r some minor imperfections that can i can live with, like disorganisations and difficulties in opening up and being direct, messiness and impatience, perfectionism, etc.

This can be changed or tolerated, whereas those defects doing with character issues, like dishonesty, unkindness, jealousy, slander and controlling which is a inerpersonal destructive traits, is a definitely no no.

I believe i will discover more than i need when i finish with this book, share with you guys more soon!! :) and of cos i have set new goals to fulfil and of cos to change myself to match up with my future boyfriend, if there is.

P.s.: 16 more days to go.

you know you love me

Sunday, September 27, 2009
at 4:25 PM

Emotionally messed up and unusual High!

Met up with Alvin on thurs, to celebrate his birthday and its so nice to have him blessed me with a written note and a hand drawn butterfly and flowers!! I thought it was my birthday! lol. But what can i say but to appreciate what God has placed in my life, a faithful friend :)

And also the new found friendship which i've blogged previously about. yes, its not even a week since my last entry and its only happened like 5 days ago. haha. it felt like a long time though, but i felt really elated by this friendship so far. Everything is like speeding so fast, i cant even catch up with the info that are flooding my mind with, i just to keep reminding myself to slow down n rem to breathe and rest.

its hard to describe this kind of feeling, the emotionally high and estasy like im addicted to some substance and it can even last up to a whole day! but anyway i didnt sound that im feeling this way to anyone yet. but i guess after this entry the whole world will know

Its a kind of confusing and emotion down feelings that i must handle too, felt like crying and worried the next moment, fearing of the "what ifs" can really set the devil at work in my head.

When my head and my heart and all of my guy feelings are blinded and splitting ways, i need to find the peace of God back, it is also when i started praying do i find the correct emotions to set myself back.

I am still praying over this kind of feeling that has since messed up all of my logical thinking so far, and not to catagorised it just on the negative side of emotions, my heart was overwhelm by warmth, happiness and love too :) if this is how a spoilt child feels after receieving a big present of her dream, i am the child now. :D

And i just had my hair trimmed!!! which is no diff except it is more tame (manageable, doesnt mean it was wild previously) :P and shorter fringe!

dont you think that the butterfly look real? and he spent 4 hours having the fragile insect done!

Flowers flowers flowers!! its blooiming in every single thing i experience now!!

And last but not least the written note that encourages me not to feel negative about myself!

you know you love me

Thursday, September 24, 2009
at 12:41 AM

i appreciate observant ppl!

Thank God for the retreat that has brought lots of laughter and new friendships into my boring life. :) been reminded from a friend that my blog is so not updated as usual, so decided to blogged out my feelings all together in a place less than home, JB!

It was never a chance that i wanna take, thinking that i was just a plain girl, i will not meet anyone special and appreciative. but God did make a way for me. i won lottery! hehe. no la. its more than lottery. :) :) :)

it was a blessing that i met a girl named Jolin in one of my usher duty that day in the zone meeting. got to know her, really adds lots of colours n excitment to a less than boring life in the cold room of our resort! i think i wouldnt have thought i would meet my match of "I" ness. except for her! she can really talked non stop and being an entertainer by nature, she told us that she wouldnt drink, becos it will affect her singing when she get sore throat from drinking!
thinking about what she said, can make me laugh at my monitor now!!!! muahahaha.. Her main job is not singing ok. hahaha. but she is really fun to b with la! but just need to press the stop button real hard b4 she can halt.

Another friend i've met is Elaine, Jolin's usher friend. :P She is also a fun girl to be with! lol, i think i would never guess her age when she speak. becos she is a mature thinker despite her age!! will it be without colours n pillow fights n body slamming without her. okok!!1 dun hit me with a chair ok! i will stop blogging about u! :P

Shirleen sticked with me most of the time, she is an angel without wings, always slow to anger and judge, the total opposite of me, and good points still counting! :) Im sorry friend! i didnt mean to hurt u man! u r not ugly at all, becos even when angels cry, their tears r like crystals! :D Thank you for having a forgiving big heart!!

As for Mave, what to say, she is my super khaki who had always been my ear when i couldnt hear, my mouth when i couldnt speak! She is also an observant person i wish to comment. she loves me through the bones and literately live in my heart, hehe. She knows what is good for me, and a battle fought, its better than a battle that is nv sought. :) Thank you for understanding, and letting me have time to process the mixed thoughts before we went ahead to do something that is so out of the world!!! :x

Lastly, i wanna say thanks for being my new friend, i do really appreciate the openness and a heart that u are willing to bare to me. i felt that u r reading me like a book! but not to worry, im not freaking out, just felt chilly thats all, for a friend who have known me for barely 3 days! Lol. You are amazing! :)

Wear if the shoes fit. :)

you know you love me


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