Strumming Some Heartstrings

Monday, May 28, 2007
at 10:05 AM

Had been really troubled over many things this week.. especially of my weekends.. traumatising man. but i know the only one any the close friend that i have, is only Jesus n Jesus alone.. learning how to protect urself from a relationship is very important. becos u r bound to get hurt sometimes.. God dun need to prove Himself worthy, but man needs.. they need time to see u through tough times n difficult times that they stand by you, protect u cover you and help u to move on with God, a relationship that draws u closer to God, after testings n trials... they can finally be included in ur inner circle of friends whom can influence you. Been thinking that whether its important to draw such a line for acquaintance, friends, and good friends and best friends. rememeber as someone reminded me that pastor kong is the same too, he group his friends too... not all the friends can share what is in his heart, if someone asked him how is church going? he got to really judge how much does the person can accept in what he says or should he share more or just say "Great~" or should continue to share more to that person..
it doesnt mean that if the person is not in ur inner circle, u dun talk to him or her or know anything happening to him, you still can love him, meet his needs but if any advices or comments given by him or her, you must reli watch everyword n think thrice about it, if reli not sure, feel free to always ask an opinion from someone in ur inner circle or to your leader. its hard to tok to ur leader if u think he will have otherwise opinion towards you when u start complaining about other ppl. becos toward your leader u should be open, show ur down side, your ugly side, they will have wisdom to guide you becos God already appointed them in ur life to guide you, if you r doing the right thing, dun need to care about what your leader will judge, i feel that doubting God's authorites is really not that good huh.. don complicate stuff, let your heart run free towards God, He has given your liberty in whatever you do.

Definition of a friend: cares for you though when u r having conflict, loves you when u have ur flaws, covers you n does not magnify your problem, meet your needs, protects you from telling others of your flaws, esteem you higher, becos the world brings you down, friends from God will not. ( this is only the minimum requirement of a friend)

when i first found out about all this, it reli look complicated, but as you move on its really important to classify the friends, i know im not perfect n i have 10000 flaws which i myself couldnt accept yet, it must be changed. why get hurt again n again? someone says its stupid.

dear friends, im really sorry if i have done wrong things and make your heart grief, i need to know my weaknesses too, if u have forgiven me thank you. whatever i'm saying above doesnt refer to anyone but its just my thoughts, it belonged to me, it is my blog.
you know you love me

Monday, May 21, 2007
at 11:41 PM

dear friends... today is the most energetic day and the most nothing to do day ever in my whole of 21 yrs living man!!! haiz... was thinking to sing ktv with Jesmon n friends de.. but in the end he gt work till 930pm like that.. think he also sleep le.. wanna ask him where he find his job la.. where he working, when r the days working... all haven ask him.. anyway to update those who know Jesmon!!! HE IS BACK!!!!!

i 've been wanting to write this entry since the day he left sg.. hmm.. its been 6 months and its been so long, he missed us, and of cos we missin him... the church too...

i wanna sing KTV!!!! please date me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you know you love me

Tuesday, May 15, 2007
at 9:02 PM

dear ppl the blog like reli got problem man... sian.. but i just wanna thank those who celebrate my birthday the day b4, actual day, and belated on the 12th may.. hehe.. its reli a blessing dropped from Heaven to have u guys with me.. it makes me feel reli loved n happy to keep on walking down this road with u all... just like the song u guys have composed for me using the "wo xiang yao shuo" by Cai ming you, though i didnt teared, but in my heart i knoe that i knoe that i knoe that in your life, there is a Hazel in your hearts..

just listened to this song sent my liru. wo xiang yao shuo, believe it anot, i reli teared in front of the monitor. its stupid i know, thinking of all the past yr that my birthday is spent and the quarrels, misunderstanding and forgiveness of heart, it is reli not easy, in the song that u guys composed says u will walk together with me, just like how Abba Father is with me. its reli something that the world cannot bring.

hmm just now went to see the doctor with my dad, got high fever, 38.7 degrees... it s the highest record of fever i had.. body feels reli uncomfortable.. hehe and one more last thing!!! JEsmon is coming back tomorrow at 3pm in Sg. hehe i reli hope that he can be touched man!!! miss him to much!!!!
you know you love me

Wednesday, May 02, 2007
at 11:44 PM

hey peepz... i lovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEE Sun!!!!! she is awesome!!! :D
you know you love me


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