Strumming Some Heartstrings

Saturday, July 24, 2004
at 9:59 AM

yoz.. guys.. finally write blog le.. busy this week. come back homme sleep le. this week attachment quite tiring.. alot of things to help out in the ward. lolz... seen dear for the whole week leh~ he always pick me out after his class, some time she end late den i go find him lor. he becoming more n more like me i find. haha.. same as me get angry easily when the weather is hot. :P anyway i forgot to bring back my slippers at work. becos i used to leave my working shoes there. den now forgot my slippers there. sianz.. -.-!

Got to go a case study about an old lady i think she about 90++. she got pneumonia chronic heart failure and she also very depressed. she  always got theo eyebrow stitched together.. ;( hahaz... =x  she will smile de.. ytd i showed her how she look by imidating the stitched eyebrow.. den she smile~ haha... :D den she getting better le, few dyas b4 she dun even wanna eat anything.. den today at least finish 1/2 of the food.  wah the ward reli very hot.. busy so walk here n there.. legs very tired. got a few cases is dementia.. that means they forgot wad there just did. haha.. just finish bathing, awhilelater i asked her she say wanna go bathe. the lady beside her told her she bathed just now le... den she still cannot remember. Another lady just finished every grain of rice on her plate, i cleard away le.. den she press the callbell say why her food so long haven come. sweats -.-
the nurses got ask me a couple of times to help them with the intra muscular injection, lolz.. but i not confident. so always last minute i asked them to help me.. haha... sometimes on the forearm, some other time on the buttock (if their forearm no meat) usually is inject some vitamin B12.  then served quite a few medication, heng nv go wrong.. =x
i can't imagine i will be working there after i graduate.. i mean like repeating the same things at work. or maybe other ppl might find that its something different from those routine paper work. how come i feel its the same? liewz.  err.. but time passed reli fast at this ward.. still not so bad. at the kids ward, time pass slower.
Dunno wad colin babe doing now, he said going to the disabled home today... now raining heavily.. maybe got go? or raining nv go le? hehehe. i go n call him le. ciao.
you know you love me

Wednesday, July 14, 2004
at 10:27 PM

hello moto!!!! hahaha... today dear met dear after my BCLS lesson.. the lesson is learn how to do CPR, relieve ppl who r choking, both adult and infant.. liewz... got 5 modules i failed 2.. den tml retest lor.. hmm i memorise le leh~ hahah.. if not i think today i wun blog de~ aiyo.. ehhh back to the point~ hmm today me n my babe went to banked in some money at amk lor.. den the dbs send one letter say apply for the debit card must pay $25 annually. liEWZZZZ... i didn't noe that~!!! if i noe i wun go n be copy mao liao.. -.-||| arghh.. haha.. becos already broke liao still come and add this kind of fu Dan... fookz. babe told me that the POSB got new atm card lehz.. den is blue colour one.. can change the old one liao~ but provided the old card must used up to 1 yr den change if not must pay $5.

After that we went to S11 to eat yong tau foo and wanton mee... full sia~ after that dear went to my house~ miracle sia~ my mum they all bu zai jia.. liewz. that dear come my house sleep... eat too full le bahz.. hhmm den i ask him sun bian go n wash his face den do mask for him.. nv try b4 the Simple mask.. but can say the result is quite visible!!! his face like immediately become more Q and errrrrrrrr.... abit fairer la... shhh.. haha.. he dun like fair fair. :| after the mask he sleep on the pull out bed until 545pm. den hungry again.. i fried some finger food for him.. haha actually it is bread la.. but i cut into smaller pieces fried wif meat. after eating that, watch awhile of vcd den i go make the banana chocolate for him.. noe something? he nv eat b4 sia.. =xXxX wad great fulfilment i felt~ Grins* den after the banana chocolate... nothing to eat at home mahz... den eat maggie lor. his is the korean mee super BIG pack!! i eat chu qian yi ding nor.. colin says he dun drink the soup of magie de last time, now is reli nv drink sia.. onli eat the mee... after that, he driank about 2 bottle of water. den about 7 plus i go cut fruits for him to eat. liewz.. if we reli whole day together i dunno will gain how many extra kgs... hahah.. joking la dear~ i dun mind being fat when i eat wif ya.! =P i lovre ya~ xP

time past super fast when wif him.. after the 7pm show, i suggested that we go ride bicycle~ hoho~ nv ride with him at night around my neighbourhood b4 sia~ hehe.. cold air beats on our face~ den we rode to punggol park ther~ saw alot of old couples there~ some is man sit together.. den i suddenly felt a wave of coldness~ eee... dunno why 2 guy come park sit so close for wat. some is old man wif younger women. haha dun kpo liao.we like stupid shouting HEllo Moto!! hello MOTO!! all the way.. becos he now using motorola mahz.. dne got one ringtone is got "HELLO MOTO" toking one.. so ge yan~ ahahaa..

awhile later about 40 mins~ den we came back le~ about 920pm.. den his mum called when we riding the bicycle~ dunno say wad excuses lehx.. becos his dad dun like he always come my house.. he said not very nice. hmm.. also not always.. but sometimes is reli dunno go where mahz.. wad to do? able 10 dear Dardar go home le. .. took cab.. becos somemore so late le.. wait his mum or dad dunno will nag anot.. k lar.. now dardar bathing~ tml got retest i go study liao ciaoz.~
you know you love me

Wednesday, July 07, 2004
at 10:35 PM

hmm.. nothing much happen lar.. just felt reli happy to see colin everyday in school sia~~~ hehe.. although alot of our breaks clashes, like mylesson time is his break.. most of the time i spent alone. eat alone, think alone, walk alone... haha i must look on the bright side.. some kind of use to it le. becoz of my timetable no longer same as my previous classmates. now listening to qing ai de ni ze me bu zai wo shen bian by xiao mei... listen until quite sad sia... how i hope he's beside me right now.

on monday he was angry wif me, during my lecture i saw a familiar friend from lst time my batch de.. i asked how come my friend is here. just tok a few sentence den he angry le... if onli tat friend was a girl. somemore tat friend sit one seat away.. den he dunno wad got over him.. the whole lecture dun care abt me, den after walk his own to the bus stop... he told me if he himself is not there that friend sure will sit beside me.. anyway i tok him we were just aquintance.just hi bye friends.. he was quite angry.

on tuesday he was angry wif me again, actually although i nv say, of cos i might ppl who tok behind my back.. wad : this girl study 3 1/2 yrs in nursing lehx.! haiz.. i means other ppl if they tok behind my back i dun care lor.. becoz i dun even now who r they..
but wad if someone who is with u for almost 1 1/2 yrs said this to u? haiz.. actually i noe my character i wun mind or care abt so much wad others think.. dunno wad came over me.. anyway he didnt said these kind of words out of the blue, becos he cared abt his books so much.. want to keep it clean n tidy so much, den i say there wun be any use if u keep the book clean until term ends and u dunno anything abt it. maybe i was a little too harsh... but it reli hurt me when he said he wun be lke me .. study 3 1/2 yrs.. haiz.. i feel disheartened. i sit away from him in the LT, den awhile later my friend from attachment the other time came to tok to me, so i chat awhile wif her, den when i turned my head around, i couldn't see him le... i was fuming mad!! arghh... haiz.. called him abt a dozen timex.. but he pressed away my calls.. den since that moment, off my fone till around 7 plus when i reach home...

my maid told me got 2 person called me one is colin and the other one is a young girl (which my maid suspect it was colin's sis). i hate to hear his voice that moment.. i feel tat he onli cared abt himself, just went home himself without waiting for me. maybe i wasn't even worthed his time..

sometimes i really regretted praying to God abt his application to poly... maybe that wasn't a good decision afterall... i feel tat im being left out... he didnt showed much concern le.. dun even bothered to send me back... haiz.. nvm lar..i noe when i finished sch its already quite late. around 6. its really tiring for him...
wad things meant to change will changed, wadever will be will be. Even if God was to gif me to change anything.. i wouldn't.

pls dun angry wif me le can? i didnt mean to block u but that time u said u were chatting wif dad cannot tok to me.. in the end online.. also dunno chat wif who.. and didnt tell me the truth.. thats why i angry and blocked u... im sorry.. call me asap can?? pls..... i love u.

you know you love me

Friday, July 02, 2004
at 8:34 AM

hiya gals... ytd i went to my sister's house for one whole day.... wah.. jog all the way to punggol sia!! tired...jog for almost 40 mins!! den went over to my big sis house first.. find out whether the contractor worker got come anot..suppose to paint the gloss for the doors of the bedrooms... den he late lor some more very greedy he wants to get paid extra for the extra one door my sis ask him to paint.. liewz.. he nv verbally said out, but my sis can read btw the lines. -.-|||

after that went to my er jie house le.. hmm there den is a nice place sia.. no dust n dirt..comfy, can watch telly, play games, the kitchen also very new.. my mum kiasu, ask my maid brought the whole chix to cook herbal soup.. hmm quite nice~ but abit bitter taste la..xp
wait for my sister to come back from school le den ahwile go back le lor.

colin loves who? 77%? 64%?
actually last time i onli know how to say colin, how he retrict me from having more friends.. how he become so overprotective last time over me.. saying how much i couldn't take it n fidn it unreasonable... but now i finally get to noe ow he feels.. of cos i dun want colin to noe gals also.. its about one week from now.. i found out that he's quite reserved when i wanted to see his hp... i tot its becos he didnt heard wad i said and sometimes the hp msg tone rings, he wun take out his fone n see the msg...

i dunno whether i was becoming over sensitive anot.. but i sure felt something different in him.. i insist on seeing who msg him, it was a girl of cos.. name Geraldine. i saw a msg which he sent out.. asking if she got bf anot.. haiz.. u can see i was quite xiao qi.. becos i was angry. reli angry.. :(

he tried to explain saying it was a friend from nyp after the orientation.. but he didn't mention when i asked him the other day abt the friends he noe from the orientation.. :\ i insist on not believing him.. becos if it was a friend from orientaion, he wun be so scared to let me noe.. but now? so protective... and finally when the day approaching an end, he admitted that it was one of his classmate's friend.. the friend wanted to introduce him chio bu.. wad the heck! haiz.. to me i dun want my boy to noe any new gal friends, i noe that im a selfish annoying n snobbish gf to many of u ..... but i reli dun feel gd noeing he was secretly msging gals... i dun feel
secured. reli afraid of losing him to other gals.. I HATE IT.
you know you love me


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