Strumming Some Heartstrings

Saturday, September 25, 2004
at 10:53 AM

You Are an Indifferent Ex

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"Love 'em and Leave 'em" is your motto. And your break ups tend to be a clean break.

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you know you love me

at 10:44 AM

tongue piercing

You Are A Tongue Piercing

You're extremely oral (like you didn't know that!)

You love going down... on girls and guys!

You're not one to be too naughty in public -

You like to save it all for the bedroom.

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you know you love me

Friday, September 24, 2004
at 4:59 PM

its me again, can life get more boring? anyway on wednesday.. my bf very cute say wad go shopping in the end go ps eat the malay grill chicken set den go back le.. -.- he say i surely will write in the blog bt this so i write lor.. but i think he also won come n see my blog de la. my blog very messy issit.. hmm. must go n change setting liao .. the celia kp me to update my blog le.. im just i truly lazy girl in the universe seh~ :P just lighten my burden by finishing my 3 tests n 1 essay which is dued today at 5pm.. just finish watching TheOutsiders "dou Yu" haiz,,, episode 18, hong dou die le.. been beaten to death by ah bao n mouse. i cry like nobody's business.. ah qi very ke lian... wanna marry her le.. den she die. Join gang is like that de.. surely got closed one die in the show. anyway the middle part of dou yu very boring becos got the china girl as 3rd party btw yuhao n xiao yanzi... that fooking girl just de chun jing chi.. say she pregnant wif yuhao baby.. sure is bluff de. :(
haiz.. k la.. friday is such a day man. arghhh i wanna go out!!!!!!
you know you love me

Friday, September 17, 2004
at 10:29 PM

loving you Posted by Hello
you know you love me

at 10:21 PM

656 days together! Posted by Hello
you know you love me

at 1:41 AM

hmm today went to gershawn house for cellgrp... quite a great cell grp message for today.. delight in the treasuring God passionately, with all ur heat soul n mind. To delight in Him we must also tresure His holiness, respect God even if we r very close to God. Do not take God's strength for granted. to delight is also to treasure God's presence, which i find personally is the most important.If God is there but u missed Him out, its reli very disappointing, very ke xi.. it's so precious yet so easy to be close in his presence.. i hope i nv had to get out of God's presence, whenever i pray.

wwoah... the cellgrp is full of nus students.. all very li hai one. den girls all very pretty also. they are so full of the Lord, whenever they speak i can see that they r reli involved in God's teachings.. thats something i think i wanna be more like them~ :P Liling prepared the refreshments today.. green bean soup cheese cake n green tea~ hmm very nice! dunno where they Got the cheese cake from... poor juan dunno how to drink green bean soup.. it was very nice~!! :D den we tok abt the other time which juan got siam by an uncle in far east.. he said "Ah moi!!! siam zhe!!" say 2 times somemore.. den go out of the food store she lean on the glass wall of another shop the uncle also ask her to go away ^.^ wah.. by that time, me n jes laugh until very jialat... so long le.. but its so vivid in my mind~

den after that we wrote the cards for 1 cellgrp member n leehuat. their birthdays coming le mah.. hmm juan ask me go this coming saturday service.. dunno wanna go anot lehx. colin ask me dun go.. howhowhow.. anyway next week got 1 essay to hand in, 1 theory test, 1 practical test and 1 lab test.. wah.. reli dunno how the lab test im confident, practical i think also can... the others not confident laio.. Hope God can give me strength!!! hehe I wun take it for granted de dun worry God!! :P

*ah cHOOOO!!!!!!!* -.-* bless me.
you know you love me

Monday, September 13, 2004
at 1:21 PM

Today wake up very blur blur.. whole night also nv reli sleep.. worried about the clinical assessment tomorrow. haiz. i hope God can give me some confidence in myself, please dun forget the steps in the IV therapy n IM injection. hurhur.. let me get a good grade pls! (-.-)* (pray)

Just now i went to buy one sandwich and a strawberry mango freeze... now in computer lab typing blog, haiz see i so ke lian. my friend suppose to pei me eat lunch go wif bf le. my bf still having lesson. sobs.

ytd went to ktv wif shujuan they all, amk de. wah tha shujuan every song also noe how to sing, peifu sia. alot of those i nv reli listen b4 one, she sing wif her xiang liangliang voice. lolx reli cant stand it! :P den shihui sing her no.1 song in talenttime, a song by zhou hui. her voice rlei nice~ no wonder get first la. me n shujuan sang most of the songs.. haha shihui always lose out de ke lian. xP ytd b4 we go ktv, we went to church. the message is abt the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit brings us out of our comfort zone to God's presence. He's reli great, God's presence can make me confident of the unknowns, hehe let me feel that God still loves me although this period im not in the church. He's always near me whenever i pray.. i noe he can hear my every prayer. :D feel much better after my Pastor prayed for many of us, including me la. can feel the prsence which i nv felt b4. how i wished i nv had to get up from the floor :X

Co ytd angry wif me sia, he said i left him alone at home. dear i'm sorry k if u r reading this blog. hmm i now listening zui shou xi de mo shen ren- Elva this song ytd i wanna sing this song but dun have. kuku de.,. the air con at amk is still extremely cold as usual. k la so n see my multiply can write anything in anot. bye*

you know you love me

Saturday, September 11, 2004
at 9:34 PM

this whole week was quite tense la got to presentation ICA on uterine fibroids on wednessday.. den let the lecturere penalized me for asking qns when presenting.. very inconfident. haiz.. she say even if dun noe the answer also must not ask my grp members.. i admit that im not a good presenter la.. becoz i reli cant face crowds. -.- haiz.
den wed i tried to have a grp meeting wif my members den haiz.. 2 china one dun even understand the presentation topic... got one from other group (xiaohui) de den got one indian girl.. she also repeat de.. den damn difficult to get her to come for meeting.. fed up sia.. dua me 2 times le. heng the 3rd time nv dua me.. if not i not going to come her in the presentation. fook after me n xiaohui struggling to figure out how to proceed wif the project, den i decided to call the tutorial lecturer. if she nv tell us wad to do we reli cham le lor this time. :x i just finish the cutting out all the bebies from the drawing board, later gonna do a chart abt milestones in motor development.
next week monday or tues still got skills lab test. stress le. IM injection n IV therapy.. if is vi n jastina saw this blog sure say which hosp i work they next time wun go de. becos v risky. arghhhh.. suan le. need to accept fate. hao ba hao bah.. eh jastina if u reading this blog rem to bring money to pay for the mac toys :P see ya!.
you know you love me

Thursday, September 09, 2004
at 11:33 PM

yoho! just got over a test today.. clinical test. i tot i wun make it~ hehe heng last min still remember some stuff can write down if nto sure f**nk the test. :( reli busy this whole week busy witht eh other grp presentations... members not getting together, work not meen done.. stumbe during presentation... all very lan the performance. sobs. hehe.. blog again when im free see ya guys! :) by the way go n visit some of my photos at
you know you love me


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