Strumming Some Heartstrings

Monday, September 29, 2008
at 10:19 AM

Do not Murder Your friends.
Time can really fade everything, including the reason for this friendship, the purpose of ur friend's life, and also the salvation of them. i didnt mean to sound as if its so holy, but i deeply feel for the ppl around me to meet the needs that r not verbalised, the hurts that r hidden, the loneliness that r buried in their hearts. i just came back from genting trip and i really really enjoyed myself alot, i love the companionship that is like a family, we share our joy n laughter together, it functioned like a family with love where we care for each other. i thank God for these ppl in my life, they show me what friends r like in these world, it showed me a kinder side of life, without harsh n hurtful words, they r pure friends.
Pure friends need the Lord too.
they are around u for a reason, they r placed in ur life to find an anchor. a place where they find rest and joy. :D friends r there also when we need to find peace in our hearts, when our hearts r broken, they r the ones who knew it first hand right? hehe.. definitely not our parents.
therefore do not MURDER THEM, give them a chance to find Life, to stand on a Rock that doesnt waver through the storms in their life. shower them with real love, just like how the Lord has given me. it is not convenient and sometimes u may feel v tired, because time n again u may feel many rejections n hurts, but yet loving friends requires alot of effort, and i am not afraid to use them up in this lifetime,
.......... what about you?
you know you love me

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
at 11:12 AM

The Person is more important than the task

someone taught me recently of alot of things regarding human relations, becos no matter what happens any bad things happen to u, u mustbe able to direct whatever grievence to God and leave the ppl free from it. hmm.. quite true actually, becos at the end of the day, human is more important than the task which is already ruined. what is the point of getting back at the person if more hurt is gg to be done to the other?

i guess no other way like what Gershon says, nothing canbe more effective than praying and fasting over someone whom u reli care about, when Jesus saved us He didnt look at what we have done but love us as a whole person without blame. i know it since day one, but im still struggling to keep thoughts on the right path. God help me!

Hey Gershon since u have left for korea, remember to take more pics of the BBQ food and nice skinned pretty botox girls over there!!! hahaha. see u next week!
you know you love me

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
at 3:59 AM

Love and caring for others is nv Easy

Been talking to my connect group ppl recently, about a heart that cares, a heart that goes the extra mile even when it costed u something in return, a sacrificed time, that can nv paid back, a sacrificed effort even when it is not appreciated. All the conditions of our heart is the true issues that God is looking in us today.

i have not teachthem for v long and i felt that this is a serious issue we need to look in. without a genuine heart that cares, all our actions and faith for something better or even in our prayers, it will just add up to zero. someone told me how troublesome it is to followup on a person after something happened.yes it is tough, and nobody said it was easy from the start, every single thing that u do,i pray u do it as if u r doing unto the Lord. Train urself to be a person that is more paitent and thorough, it will bring u a long way in life.Faithful in little things and God will give u much under ur care, when u do things things undo others, let not ur right hand knows what ur left hand is knowing.

everyday of our lifes, we say its the little thoughts that count. but are we generous enough to give ppl around us this little thoughts? they r longing for ppl to pay attention to them, hungry for a simply concern that will light up their darkness. Ppl that pictured in their minds negative thoughts about their life, pits that they cant even see an opening light. how will they strive then to get out? initiately they might be afraid of the new darkness, but after a long time left "untouched" they began to grow comfortable in their darkness and forgotten about the light they came from, they might even reject the new light that others have shown to them, becos its too glaring for their eyes, and its showing their dirt.

i believed these 2 cgs are put together for a reason and purpose,lets be generous in our little thoughts on others this day and let them know that we care even on the little details that is attached to the friendships! :P
you know you love me

Thursday, September 11, 2008
at 4:06 AM

I Can Take it, I'm Superwoman.

i've learnt it from the batman movie not long ago. it was about the responsiblities that he carries, and it is all becos HE CAN TAKE IT. HAHA.. me n yy laughed it off becos it is such an uncanny remark! but simply it is true in the natural world, it is true in the spiritual world. we often grumble about why must certain things happen to us, why must such a difficult task lie on our shoulder but we seemingly cannot shoulder anymore of thise rubbish the life gives!!!???

God gave or should i say allow alot of things to happen becos we can take it, our ability is much an d way more resillent to what the world has to give~ but alot of times becos of the circumstances we r in, or the foolishness of our mind fools us that we cannot do it becos of our limits n restraints of life. time especially is catching up each day and will stop for no man on this Earth. but dun worry, becos God is nv late, nv early. He is always on time. That is the thing that i hold fast to becos alot of my dreams and wishes depends on God's timing and out of my control.

i really thank God for the ppl around me, like my beloved friends of my secondary. recently, Celia just got married by law and she has officially entered the adult woman world. while we are still wasting our youth at this age. lol. gosh i feel like an auntie now. what am i doing right now???

God has n always been good to me. i want to do the best for my studies and work unto the Lord. i want my connectgrp to receive fresh manna from Heaven daily. being a little superwoman in God's eyes, is better than a nobody in the world. Amen.

you know you love me


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