Strumming Some Heartstrings

Tuesday, August 31, 2004
at 11:52 PM

hohoho... long time nv blog le. sibei sian recently.. ytd went ice skating wif joanne charmi huda fara they all.. got a reli funt ime there~~ :D noe abit how to skate le.. (despite my bad experience of my poor left fractured ankle) -.- ok lar.. if nv fall how to learn? after that went to celebrate Jesmon's birthday at chomp chomp.. hmm the stingray there reli nice.. diff from newton sia... dunno why.. once start can't end de lehx.. the skin extra crispy leh.. the chili although notv hot but can taste the stingray v well.. hehe.. den he got alot of presents sia!! from cell grp one, got from "us" old friends de, den got other individual ppl give one also.. xingfu.. he said this yr is the most fpresents yr!! heng ah.. we bought for Jesmon the shirt.. he liked it the most.. checked in brown de.. hmm i personally find it very nice!!! :P at first want to let colin buy de. in the end buy for Jesmon think he also dun want the same la.
ytd v good nv quarrel la.. hmm previous days.. we not on good terms la, haiz.. he dun like me to tok to guys.. den i try to gai lor.. tok is can tok, but must got limit.. my friend teach de.. anyway i also nv overboard wat.. dunno why she said that. xP hmm.. the pics taken at chomp chomp dun look liek chiomp chomp lehx.. like some chalet places sia.. but there i find the food varisty not as mucha s newton.not so hot at newton also.
ehhhh... anyay.. i quite missed ktv lehx.. when r we going girls? wanna sing dao dai, JJ- hai pa, and all those very wulu singers who v seldom sing their songs de.. aiyoyo.. wednesday go sing dunno ex anot... -.-

i hate this week.. its ain't HOLIDAY for me AT ALL@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you know you love me

Friday, August 27, 2004
at 12:03 AM

Fate reli played me around like a fool.... is trust nv gonna end up in my path????
you know you love me

Friday, August 20, 2004
at 3:47 PM

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you know you love me

at 3:41 PM

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at 3:33 PM

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
at 11:51 AM

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at 11:32 AM

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at 11:25 AM

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Monday, August 16, 2004
at 7:54 PM

boring boring boring.... arghh... life is full of boredom. just rebbonded my hair last saturday.. now looks sucks lehx.. got abit qiao le.. haha.. but better den i predict.. becos my hair super alot of layers.. hmm the hair saloon used loreal x tenso for me.. use le hair quite shiny also.. my poly friends say not a bad job becos previously my hair was like wild grass lorx.. well vivi n moni seen in b4, at ktv that day.. haha reli cannot make it lorx. hehe now dun need to tie le.. the feeling reli good. actually i dun liek the person doing hte rebonding for me. very proud, den say wad dun use his shop the produtcts if the hair become qiao and dry, cannot blame his shop.. liewz.. he wanna phycho me into buying hsi goods.. wait long lonnnnnggg... hehe. but even if i dun buy i now also gotta buy le.. washing the hair tomorrow le. just bought one rebonding shampoo for my hair liewz.. $14.90. the shop keeper say its best for rebonding hair some more so big the bottle 600g.the shampoo brand is KeraSys, its a korean brand. i calculate den think quite wu hua smell quite nice too!!! hehe.. jiu mai le. actually that day wanna do the shishedo rebonding one... but the person say the least he can give me is 250. wah siao.. that time i at the other shop the hair longer, onli $200 nia. =x wanna eat my money not so easy de. =x i still remember that saturday i go do rebonding the last person who saw my natural curl hair will be jJasty's mum!!! :P my goD!! hehe she waved at my face if noti also dunno she infront of my.. hehe. die liao always lat her see i wear sleeveless de. haiz.. no impression liao. next time wanna go club wif her daughter also cannot le=x " go out wif hazel!!!!!! cannot!!! she's too havoc!" oopzzzzz. hehe i haven forget our stingray, lala, hum, prawn mee, satay date~.:.:. all paticipants please take note.:.:.

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Thursday, August 12, 2004
at 9:46 AM

week 12 gotta hand in written assignment, week 11 presentation for psychology, week 10 presentation for 2035, week 7 2035 debate, tomorrow presentation for 2056..... haiz. wad a hard life.

this friday dunno can go Jasmine's birthday anot, if reli cannot jasmine i hope u enjoy urself v much!!!! love ya! hope to see all of u all soon......
you know you love me

Sunday, August 01, 2004
at 2:29 PM

aloha~ finally the attachment finish le!! ha... hah hehe. finally can laugh after so long~ =x sch start tml le.. another new week of projects... ytd just dyed my hair loreal feria colours~ golden beige~ but come out u all should noe la~ the colour of cos wun be like the box the colour la~ but better than those normal colurs~ dye le no hope de (-.-)

On friday my dad called me, he said wanna watched the preview on 31th of july mai. den of cos i wan la~ so got 2 tix for me n colin to ndp ytd lor~ hmm alot alot of ppl~ hahah.. we both wear red top and black shorts.. alot of ppl wear red sia~ =x paiseh... keke.. at first reached there we go toilet outside of the stadium.. kao.. colin dunno how to flush the urine down.. and nv wash hands!!! hahaa.. he say he tot the wash hand n flush one is auto de.. i say must use feet and step one!!!! liewz... heng i go amk the reconstructed toilet b4.. there got signs to guide us.. if not i also nv flush and wash hand le~ =x after we go in.. we were at the blue sector.. tmd.. at the back view.. sometimes the white curtains rolled up den we cant see le.. colin say some of the performance v sian.. some more music too soft at my side.. sometimes la.. but still got some very "enthu" (enthuastic) ppl *dunno got spell correct anot* after the athem they dance to the songs~ den got JJ singing home and kit chan.. he's voice reli very crystal clear and soothing~ haha by that time i noe why Jast will wanna go ndp preview~ cos got JJ rite?? hehehe.e. haiz.. nv met up wif moni, celia and jast.. think there sit other sector bahz. colin dun like to mix he say wait he left alone ... hahahz.. so scared mehx.. he say i abit enthu also.. becos i wave the flag and shake the can when the "president" came round~ hahaa.. we also got paste some tattoo on the hands.. lousy de .. rub abit come out le. den cannot stick properly also. till ytd den i noe colin is the first time come to watch ndp parade... wah so precious le~ 1st time watched wif me.. first time watched the fireworks together.. haha my last yr wish reli came true~ becos when i go wif my sis and bf last yr, i secretly hope in my heart, next yr can come wif colin.. wow~~~ reli nice leh.. the fireworks... alot alot! i think last for 2 mins bahz. but too bad its at our back.. have to turn to see the fireworks~ .last yr i see at the shelter area lehx.. hmm .. alot of kiasu ppl also after the fireworks.. go le.. or even b4. aiyoyo.. alot of ppl sia.. can u imagine we walk back to the kallang mrt?? liewz.. the overhead bridge is overcrowded... so we wlked the super long cut.reli regreted.. should take the ferry service... haiz.. wonder where celia, jast and moni sit ytd ... :
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