Strumming Some Heartstrings

Saturday, May 29, 2004
at 8:27 AM

results out!!! aiyoyo..

HS2036 C
HS2037 D
HS2057 B
HS2081 D
HS2084 not available (hope dun fail)
hehe although no As.. but pass everything!!!! !!!!!despite wad happened during the exam period.. ahhaha.. im over the moon.! :D
you know you love me

Thursday, May 27, 2004
at 10:33 PM

Yesterday went to chinablack with sheena, monica, Lia, jastina, jasmine,and our rare friend Vivian~ ahaha.. she said before she dun like to go de mah.. wad go clubbing dun ask her go.. shui~????????? shui??? shuiiiiii???? hahahahaha....... dunno why she xing xue lai chao..keke she also play until quite feng with us la.. becos we were like crazy women anyhow dancing lor... felt terrible after that.. i think should be vi's dada come n fetch us back de lehxz.. i remembered vomiting on the road when the car stop... and outside the house. aiyoyo.. eh if yongbin happen to read this blog .. tell him thankss a million leh..!! hahah if not i dunno landed where also ytd. He drove us one by one back i guess... i cant remember very well.. haiz.. this morning went to see the doc... den gif me vomiting medicine.. took the mc but nv use it. Because i dun want to do the make up on saturday!!! today was a tong ku day in the ward.. already not feeling well they still cry here n there.. shout also.. wah.. feel reli like vomiting le lor, den i faster go take medicine den eat my dinner le.. felt better afterwards maybe becos i whole day just eat a few mouth of porridge den go work le. poor me. just taken the medication den chat wif jast awhile kaoz.. she go n tell me say tok to me 5 days later -.-||||| win liao lor. shanghai girl!
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Friday, May 21, 2004
at 10:29 PM

Which O.C. Character Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty
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at 10:08 PM

Phewz... finally one week of steaming hot days at the pediatric ward is over.. today not so hot la.. becos me n 2 other student nurses go for a talk on focus charting.

aiyo tat ah vi n jasty.. say until so nice today go shopping.. in the end also bo meet de -.-||| dua me.. hai wo go home alone from dhoby ghaut. after work i go bugis wif my babe lor.. i eat spag he eat sandwich.. because previous days he having serious stomach upset... his gastric i think spoilt le =x haha.. wah my babe reli ben shi go eat one dinner must wear collar shirt de. funny. he say dunno wad nus guild house. or something la.. btw anyone heard of it? at suntec 5th floor de.. so class one sia the place.. not just anyone can go in sia. must got study nus den can go in eat de.

den i go body shop bought a sun lotion for face de.. i decided dun tan liao.. too much melanin will increase rate of aging =x hahaha.. read mag de.Also buy strawberrt body lotion~ phua... smell damn sweet...(Hope dun attract ants) thinking whether to buy the sun lotion for body also.. becos $24.90 the tube also not very big.. hehe read cleo the strawberry body scrub looks so tempting... wah if only i can buy the whole set... lipbalm, shower gel, scrub ...everything!!!

Eh gal.. better yue me out one day next week.. i wanna rusty le.. bugis got open new link at Ede i also bo chap.. hahaha.. becoming MT.!!
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Thursday, May 20, 2004
at 4:44 PM

hohoho.... hey gals tell u all when im free next week 21/5, 24/5 - 26/5, 3/6 - 4/6, 10/6 - 11/6.hmm thats all lor cos i working morning mahz.. work ends at 3pm. keke this week im in the peidatric ward for the first time... basically nothing much to do lor, just serve medications, some hourly temperatures, play wif the babies, kids, bathe them, feed the milk to babies change diapers lor.. very fast a day past liao. so fast tomorrow is a friday le.. but learn quite alot, some medications used mainly for 1-2 month babies, care of the IV drip for the kids. the poast operation n pre operation care for the kids.. hahah.. got one indian baby very cute, see already will want to protect it de, haiz dunno why such unfortunate things happen to her, hoep she will be a strong n happy girl as she grows up.Today 3 cubical girl who was tortured by his uncle was visited by the counsellor of wad dunno wad grp also i forget le... she also quite ke lian... how can such a big man do this to a skinny young pri 3 gal... still wanna act until so good in front of the counsellor.. if he reli undergo the lie detactor he sure tio! some other babies have chronic fever or some scaled by the hot water. 1st cubical 2 yr old boy got scaled from the right side od the face right to the shoulder .. to me is quite a bad scald la, but they say still minor.. hmm anyway this morning the nurses pass reports of ld the patients in the ward they did mention something abt the boy.. they said "how is it possible for the child to get scald wif water in the milk bottle? " actually quite true.. where got parents gif boiling water to the child for milk de??? funny but we didnt say anything.. later awhile they say changed from accident to police case.. the kid was scalded last October too... Too much of a coincidence le bah.. well the mum was crying when toking to the officers.. Hope the innocent child dun come in again...

Hehe actually today is the first itme i tried bathing a baby... reli tio shock when he cried when i put him in the water.. i tested the water le.. not too hot or cold.. i asked the mama... she say he always cry when put in water.. whole body red sia..heng awhile later ok le.

ytd i brought a 7th month baby for blood cuiture.. reli can cry till my ears burst.. -.-||| i tried to block his view den he nv cry so much le. wah the doc reli not experienced.. poke the 4 limbs le still couldnt get into the veins.. the grandma so worried.. abit unsatisfied too.. but she nv reli voice out.. maybe she scared if she made the doc fed up the doc anyhow treat the baby..

Ytd after my work at 9 i ciao liao.. keke i hate to stay in the ward after my time de.. sian lehx. also not much to do.. hehe after tat i go novena mrt meet my babe.. How i wish he look more happy when he sees me...i can see that close to this week his mood like not very good le.. maybe he doesnt feel relaxed n happy when he sees me le. becos he used to tell me so.

-*** Xi Wang Yu Guo Tian Qing ***-
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Friday, May 14, 2004
at 11:04 PM

yoyoyo... hahaa.. forget to blog for last thursday.. thursday i went to cine level 8 ktv wif vivi jast n monica.. haha. hmm they reli enjoy themselves singing sia.. actually i first time heard ah vi sing without the singer accompany.. hehe.. i didnt want to interupt i scared she wun continue singing.. =x hehe.. sing reli nice mahz.. dunno why last time dun dare to sing alone. lolx.. that jast n vivi reli good lor. they gif me tobelrone lor.. shit man!!! that time shouldnt have say buy tobelrone for meixiu they all.. haha.. well i get wad i say lor... -.-||| hahaa.. den very funny one lor.. when i sing that itme they busy taking foto.. when i nv sing.. they also nv take.. arghhhh.. purposely de mahz.. eat tat time also bo shoot me..hurhur.. bluff me de.. eat at newton circus.. quite some seats available.. but the food not as tasty le leh.. dunno why. maybe the stalls we orderd diff le. haiz.. sian sian sian.. after that ah vi go home le.. den meet jasmine together wif jastina they all go explanad they chat chat lor..after that go home so late.. my dear sleep le. shit. he diarhhorea sia.. unil now still not feeling very good. hope he gets well soon... just noe actually wanna go catch van hell sings de.. but 1/2 way i think he reli not feeling good.. so i asked him to go home le lor.. he very ke lian cannot eat vege cannot eat spicy n drink cold water.. he told me just now tat he anna drink coke n eat chicken rice alot.. btu he cant.. sick sick sick. if me i will go crazy de.. heng i noe him well.. i noe he sure dun wan to disappoint me and pei me go watch movie de...although his face n mind dun wan to go watch 1000 times.. =x he's so good to me. But i managed to persuade him to go home in the end.. =) his sturbborness change le.. so happy for him.. i love u darling. (^.^)\/
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Sunday, May 09, 2004
at 11:39 PM

The Rasmus_ In The Shadow

No sleep
No sleep until I'm done with finding the answer
Won't stop
Won't stop before I find the cure for this cancer

Sometimes I feel like going down, I'm so disconnected
Somehow I know that I am haunted to be wanted

I've been watching, I've been waiting
In the shadows for my time
I've been searching, I've been living
For tomorrows all my life

Ooooh Ooooh (2x), in the shadows [2x]

They say that I must learn to kill before I can feel safe
But I, I'd rather kill myself than turn into their slave

Sometimes I feel that I should go and play with the thunder
Somehow I just don't wanna stay and wait for a wonder

I've been watching, I've been waiting
In the shadows for my time
I've been searching, I've been living
For tomorrows all my life

Lately, I've been walking, walking in circles
Watching, waiting for something
Feel me, touch me, heal me
Come take me higher

I've been watching, I've been waiting
In the shadows for my time
I've been searching, I've been living
For tomorrows all my life

Ive been watching,
Ive been waiting,
Ive been searching,
Ive been living, for tomorrows....
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Monday, May 03, 2004
at 2:13 AM

hiya guys.. finally finish another module revision.... still have one more!!! arghh.. must do it!!! hmm today he's better mood den the last few days.. hope time will heal his fears n calm his soul... God.. although im not an angel, but i hope to have comforting shoulders n words of encouragement whenever im wif him.... can grant me this wish?

Loving Wai keen.. nv changing n everlasting... 24
you know you love me

Sunday, May 02, 2004
at 1:27 AM

yo guyz... i just finish today's studying.. wah.... quite late hor!! hmm.. night time is definitely best for studying... quite n concentrating.. day time all the neighbour kids run around n very noisy la!!! keke.. at least fulfilled today's study plan.. thank god.. hope i dun let myself down.. i promised myself.. not to flunk any papers this semester n ever again!!! :P

Using the rest of my time n to miss, love n treasure him like never b4.. 25
you know you love me


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