Strumming Some Heartstrings

Friday, November 19, 2004
at 9:38 AM

Hiya guys... hmm this week at the obstetric ward reli is something which i nv experienced b4.. the cases look alien to me.. hahaha.. its an oncology wad.. it means lots of cancer patients there... CA cervix, CA ovary, Va vagina... etc.. hmm im so afraid lolx.. i didnt want to see anyone pass away this week can~~!??? ** i Pray** cos the staff nurses say 2 passed away last week.. but we wasnt posted there last week.. hmm.. its onli a level away.. from level 3 to 4.. its between beginning of life and ending of life... so far yet so near..

Ytd heard 2 case of infant death on the speaker around kkh.. 2 sia.. why must they report ah.. lolx ytd my friend asked me then i rem... life is reli fragile. Shuo zou jiu zou.

well, death may not be something sad... one of my patient still can laugh abt it.. well maybe she's still young... 16 nia.. how would she noe ending the life of her fetus is something undesirable? yea.. the bf was sad.. real sad.. can see from the facial expressions... :( the fetus just pop out like that... hmm was the size of 1 and 1/2 size of the palm.. the head was already formed.. could see the shape.. the hands all that haven form la.. hmm so ke lian.. the nurses packed the dead fetus in a box.. which look like cake box la.. den i dunno send to where also...

den after that 9pm go home le lor.. hehee.. actually i wasdoubly sad.. becos sly didnt sing well last night.. :x was watching it from the ward's tv. :P
you know you love me

Saturday, November 06, 2004
at 2:42 PM

hehe my turn to blog abt ytd... liewxz.. the previous night nv reli sleep quite tired after thoe whole exams... was hoping i can pass wif a D or C can le.. didnt expect much..!! no sup paper pleasE!!!!!! :P after my exam then meet colin at nyp outside the bus stop he pei me go home den wait for me bathe den go out lor.. hmm at first we went to bugis.. i bought my earring.. blue colour de.. its a stud earring.. err.. dunno how to spell stud la. :x hmm aftr that bugis there abit raining also.. heng i got bring umbrella...... all bugis dun have wad colin want de slipper.. so pekchek... ;( den i suggest go hmv upstairs got one shop called "footloose" den i saw one pair of white shoes wif cat printed on it.. lolx.. quite cute la... but cat= lia.. so in the end i nv buy la.. if not later she saw will too excited.. :X muahahaAAA.. joking la.. no la. actually i like it alot.. the shoes are made of leather de.. very comfy.. ~ but colin say dun suit me.. :( too childish for me le.. haiz.. den suan le lor. haiz.... next sad thing cumming up.

after buying his slippers, we went to OG there walk walk. liewz. actually i didnt want to go find them de waste my $7.15 for 2 and 1/2 songs.. liewz.. and one diluted lemon tea wif no lemon taste. arghh.. as first i wanna say i dun wan to order wait for them outside lor. but paiseh the celia brought a friend there.. den i go and sit wif jasty den the vivi look and look at my arms.. liewz... whispering say my arm bah bah liao.. i used to be so skiny :\ sobsx... ke lian me. my arms all along so fat de mahz. hmm k la.. sad thing ended..i think i should be the one who put getting fatter and fatter.. lolx vivi put wich look like gonna be father and father day by day? i kept misunderstood its meaning. liewz.. -.- after the ktv we went to amk take 73 to chomp chomp.. on the bus tok abt dearest sly, linda, daphne, and leandra.. lolx.. in the end leandra out la.. expected. young and inexperience... :P dun like her.

when we reach chomp chom den start ordering lor.. lolx 1st time jasty shock, cos i wanna order lala and hum.. i tot she would wanna eat both de. :X actuallt is i like la.. i've been dreaming hum dreamz.. since the previous night.~ yum~ hahaha.. the vivi still bring digital cam.. dunno wanna pai wad.. all pai hum and lala.. and tkae out siccors paper stones on top of the hum..... liewz. human down there dun take.... -.- fu le vivi.. hmm anyway one good thing to reccomend there.. the dou hua there very aromatic. and soft to eat.. once u eat sure eat and eat and eat.. but ytd althugh i noe very nice.. i nv buy and eat... beocs too full le.. eaten oyster egg chix wing prawn mee, stingray which wasnt v nice.... not enuff chili, kangkong, lala, hum... still short of satay lehx. the chix wing should order more leh i think not enough to eat. :P hahaha.. er the lia dunno do wad in the toilet so long... in the end she say sh playing puzzle bubble in the cubical..-.-den b4 we go she went again..... diarrhoea reli hai ren bu qian..... stomach flu.

After we eaten finish, waiting for jasty's parents and vi's bf to come and pick them.. jasty still tabao a few touhua home.. the father very kind send me home.. thanks ah.. hehee. after that i reach home.. play the msn game insaniquarium from 930pm to 330am.. den i super tired.. actually wanna complete all the stages de.. sobx.. my trial period of that game over le.. so bo bian have to end it liao. den sleep until this mornin 11am.. watch abit of tv and eaten lunch now doing nothing lor. k lar.. sian attachment start on monday liao... hmm kkh here i come!!! :P
you know you love me

Wednesday, November 03, 2004
at 11:31 AM

yoho.. i the longest who blog her blog each time... muhahaha... eh lazy lar.. still have 2 more days towarss my last exam.. den after that.. going KKH liao.. for my obstetric posting....den go gynae.. maybe can see women give birth... weeee heheh i love new experience!!!! :P k lar this week nothing happen lor the 2 papers infront end le so abit kinda relax liao.. but i feel that the exam on friday sure difficult.. hurhur.... i cannot fail!!!!!! God give me ur strength!!! so i can remember all i need... ya? ThankYou Jesus..... slack whole day at home again.. mugging wif all my might!! arghhhhhhh fight it.. den later evening can watch smurf! yea~... haha.. gonna go schh return my friend her money.. boring sia....... k lar. goning back to study mode.......

Love Colin~!
you know you love me


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