Strumming Some Heartstrings

Tuesday, December 20, 2005
at 11:23 AM

ni men hao hao hao... shen dan jie jiu yao lai le!!! yue le ji ke peng you? hahaha... understand wad i wrote? its christmas season and need to let them know abt Jesus again!! so many and thousands and millions of ppl need to know abt Christ... and i reli thank God for the different friends that He brought into my life... still remember prayer meeting that day, i didnt wake up in time.. then when i wake up, i saw my long "lost" cousin and his colleague came to ma house. wow... just in time.. i invited him and his colleague along.. for christmas service.. :) thank God... i dunno wat happened recently.. feeling lerthargic to work on friends to come.. been praying and now fasting... hope everything can turn out well.. invited summer on the same day also.. she is my best friend when i had nobody to turn to last time.. she is coming for Christmas thank God!! hope no other plans shall stop her from celebrating Christmas with me in church..

today fasting for my cousin Chris, his colleague Alex, and my friend Summer... God see their name change their life.. love u so much...
you know you love me

Saturday, December 17, 2005
at 3:33 AM

sorry been so long since i last update, woahhh now is some 335am in the morning im writing this blog, just now actually can sleep, but now over the timing cant sleep.. was watching the vcd of "zhan shen" until the last episode, den i saw my neighbour... *xiao qiang* liew.... it reli scared me den i suddenly awoke. faster ran to the kitchen to get the pesticide... heng it didnt run far, den when i wanted to find it to spray, it already flip the stomach on top liao.. muhahhaa... thank God. den i spray it den it still struggling... i wanna watch ,y show, so i bring my slipper and slapped it a few times.. squashed under my slipper.. hmm den happy sia.. cos initiately i saw it went into my room, abit scared, den now it guai guai come out let me spray.... hehe.. God's grace. hiakz..

Yea and today i went out with vivian, moni, and jasty. hehe.. very long nv sit together tok tok liao.. met up in bishan... hehe we reach abit late becos i live the furthest... haha, excuse la.. of cos. i always late queen one mahz. today got basketball game at gershon house there.. but i didnt go.. haiz. bet it is fun.. i always like to fellowship together with the cellgroup.. hehe.. dunno why.. maybe its god's ppl! they belong to God, and they r like God. love them so much. im sure one day Juan will mix well with them.. continue to pray.. build up stronger friendship. it is very impt. in the cg. Its the happiest and most wonderful thing happening to me this yr when im in this cell... thank you Lord.

These few days wat have i been doing leh.. err.. slacking around, very slack, fasting, but always feel so hungry.. when can i be like ah li.. fast like nothing happen one.. also can forget to eat.. haiz.. i want a weak flesh my God!!! Help me.... i want my spirit to grow taller than the fatty flesh... i want to love to pray.. i want.. please. arghhh...

************battling with flesh in progress*************
you know you love me

Friday, December 09, 2005
at 11:44 AM

my er jie and er jie fu... the little snowman they made!!! Posted by Picasa
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at 10:54 AM

fave pic~ can u see im sweating inside? Posted by Picasa
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at 10:53 AM

snow snowy~~ outside the hotel.. Posted by Picasa
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at 10:53 AM

strawberries looking yummmyyy!! Posted by Picasa
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at 10:52 AM

Everland~ Posted by Picasa
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at 10:51 AM

me and mum, we just climbed the mountain Posted by Picasa
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at 10:50 AM

winter sonata background!! nice nice.. Posted by Picasa
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at 10:50 AM

I'm learning how to ski Posted by Picasa
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at 10:49 AM

haha... i love this pic, i cant stop the ski! Posted by Picasa
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at 10:48 AM

1st get together pic in Korea Posted by Picasa
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Thursday, December 08, 2005
at 1:55 PM

ni men hao hao ma? hee.. its a lazy afternoon over here... hot and im staying at home... just finished the house work and my mum called to ask me to cook fried rice and bean sprout with tau gwa.. understand wat is tau gwa anot? it is.... ... it issssss... part of the soya family la!!! i dunno wat its called in english la -.- dunno wat to blog also... just too lazy.. hope everything's fine for the cg.. ytd i went for the prayer meeting at expo for the first time!!! wow.. reli is big.. horizontally, i think its good becos we r closer to the stage. and time past reli fast, dunno why, when we r praying.. very fast its 1010pm le.. pastor kong said its a smiley face on the clock face. yea.. He is definitely our pastor, rejoicing in everything he sees and does.. :) and of cos not forgetting his wife, Sun, dunno why when she prayed for us, i felt my eyes getting wet, even if its a smile voice from the fone.. i can sense something in her prayer.. Thanks to the Holy spirit.. was feeling good when we sing the song " rain... down.... my heart is dry but still im singing..." i felt a prompt to write down everyone's needs in the cellgrp, dunno for wat, but its a prompt i get after the prayer meet. write down and pray for them... i will remember wat He says and do it. :) cant wait for sunday morning service!! must we get there early to redeem the food with our voucher? 8am-930am.
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Monday, December 05, 2005
at 11:31 AM

I'm back!!! hehe.. korea so nono.. is Corea. tour guide says that last time japan dominating corea, den the Jap didnt want "C"orea to be infrom of Japan.. funny Japanese.

Miss u guys alot. Its reli fun ther! its the first time seeing snow, but for a short while onli, and the streets are all pathed with snow.. its like a snow city, car top also have snow.the trees looks yummy hahaha.. cos its coated with snow.. like sugar! played with snow balls n small snow man, when to many places got the da chang jin palace, got dong ji lian ge scenery.. took super lot of photos and when to everland in Korea, its like a gian amusement park, got exciting rides, cafe and close up to see lions and tigers and got 2 is Liger. hhaahaha... the lion got short hair and abit of tiger prints on the body.. and bears big bears.. standing in from of our vehicle, there the zoo, the animals r not caged, its like a big park where all the animals lay around.. the onli thing that separates us from the lions n tigers is onli the vehicle.. got like 2 gates, keeps the animal from running away. by the time my ear become icy cold and its painful, so i bought the eat piece to cover my ears.

the part i love most is the snow skiing!!!! the skiing place is reli big and its from the top of the mountain to ski down.. i nv went to high la, just middle part onli.. cos on top its reli too steep.took quite a few pictures and make a friend with a girl in my tour, still not bad la.. u cant feel cold when skiing, becos body is sweating inside.. too thick my coat, and also not forgetting the strawberry farm, if u eat one, u cants stop, its soft and juicy and not even 1 bit of sour taste. :P actually got go casino but nv becos got young kids, they cannot go in.. so its cancelled.

went to the ginseng shop ytd, the ppl reli know how to sell this goods but my dad didnt buy also in the end.. its too ex liao!! cost abt US $500. for the set of ginseng powder.after all its wad korea is famous for, its ginseng.after the ginseng, went to learn how to make kimchi.hehe.. i brought back the kimchi i made.. anyone wanna try!?hah aha.. think no one back.. but the kimchi there is really taste, spicy enough.. the onli think i dun like is that its cold. prefer kimchi which is hot! there got korean clothes to let us try and take fotos.. will post it online when the fotos r washed.. :P

And the resort we stay in is like a 3 room flat big, got kitchen somemore, 2 rooms 1 bathtub. but the last two days we moved to Seoul, there the hotel is smaller than the resort one.. sad, but the pillow there is made of qiao mai ke. and during the last two days, i prayed with my parentsin the hotel, their cg ask them to pray during a time of the night, so join also lor. its the 1st time i pray with them! thank God for this breakthrough in my family.. actually i was quite lethargic to pray, cos my flesh is tired and dun like to pray.. but just overcome it, new things of the Lord will flow thorugh in my family.. Thank you Lord.

okok la.. next post i will post more abt the things happening at korea.. cos now can reli think of it.

see u guys on wednesday! and miss my dear friends vi, jast, moni!!!
you know you love me


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