Strumming Some Heartstrings

Friday, July 27, 2007
at 4:46 PM

Beauty of Fasting

1. ur world become more beautiful, as u serve ppl in ur midst, Heaven opens and glory shines upon ur face!!!

it may seem incredible but its true!! these few days im fasting 12hourly as i needed to, cos my work, i need energy to carry on my tasks. things become more clear and sensitive to my spirit, so that im able to complete my task on time n more than just that, efficient n faster than the rest!! i have so much time left that im able to help my colleagues with theirs.. happy!!

2. God speaks through ur mouth as u interact with ppl!

was speaking to some unreasonable relatives, and immediately their attitude changes as i began to sort out the misunderstanding and explaining to them the situation den therefore apologise with good attitude, i cannot imagine i can do it, becos normally when i fast, i will be very irritable n cant talk nicely.. perhaps previously i was only dieting.. not real fasting, explained by Jessica! thanks dear!

3.brings u closer to the view that He sees.

He is coming real soon, and ytd my mum brought back a book about the fortune God, im really upset but i dunno how to tell her, and my dad receive a small pamphlet that says speaking in tongues amounts to nothing becos the devil already knows what u are thinking. and it reli hurts me, i cant talk, so i went into the room to pray n worship God instead, becos i know i cant do much, as i seek the Lord i began to realise that He is also griefed, and i just cried with the doors close n crying out to Him, He showed me that He is always the truth the life n the way, therefore im not afraid and i know all these are temporary, i began to say sorry to God for all these unbelief that they had, and dunno why i began to plead for them, and for God's grace n mercy to cover our whole family again. i wiped my tears n stepped out of my room. i explained the meaning of tongues n how the pamphlet means that the dead cant be saved, becos they can no longer hear the Gospel, thats why we must reli tell those ppl out there about God asap b4 they leave the world, where no liberty is given to them anymore, den the fortune God book, pasted a "do not read" sign in chinese la.. den i tell them its not good. they didnt persecute me but instead didnt touch the book instead. i really thank God n i believe His works are still in the Family of Chua. Thank You Lord.
you know you love me

Monday, July 23, 2007
at 10:20 AM

Dun be fooled again Hazel, what u value as a friend eventually just hurt you with the most ruthless words to bring u down, n stumble u like nobdy b4. besides saying that i dun have EQ, does that person reli possess any?

been thinking the whole night, making real hard decisions to reli disqualify the person out of my inner circle. Friends i believe are God sent, they r ppl who bring u up, ppl who change u to a better person through encouragement, speaking to u words which is seasoned by salt and not thorns to cut u up again n again. im really relieved n believed that im the only one who get this kind of hurt. becos if an unbeliever hears all those kind of shit, will rather rely on the world out there where there are thousands who can communicate better than that person. i know im mean and i shouldnt carry on, it will eventually let me become like the person who hurt me.
maybe in my heart i reli hate that person, i told the Lord. i wanna ask about His opinion in this so called friendship. He began to bring me to the times when he was crucified, spat at, criticized, and even His closest disciples disown Him, the kind of hurt that he felt, mine can nv EVER be compared. NEVER. being hurt physically, emotionally, spiritually, what is His reaction? ?He didnt say a word. He prayed to Father to forgive them for their wrong doings for they know not wat they do.

I wanna pray, im so tired, i feel that all things happened for a cause. i need to correct everything that is wrong, yes i've failed so many times that i think the devil cannot nv get tired of bringing me down to the pit. i know that i know that i know that no matter how sad or demoralised i felt, i need to learn the lesson that is supposed to learn. if not i will keep rotating in the same situation again. i can only give to this kind of friend, really take from God what i cannot give, though it may be very tired, very burdened, which my flesh hates to carry, but neither do my spirit wants to carry it, just give it to God la, He will settle for me. its not i who live, but He who lives in me. got to discipline my flesh very well, and remind myself, its not me who is experience this, but God will disperse it for my sake, and restore in me more useful things to build other ppl up.

No time to waste, feeling depressed. Time to move on with lessons learnt. friends just be very careful what type of friends u bring in ur inner circle, it will either make u or break u.
you know you love me

Thursday, July 12, 2007
at 3:37 AM

hey its time for night shift again, and its been a rather cope-able night as im able to complete my report on time. i think that God is good to me, becos He gave me ppl in my life whom i can lean on and encourage me on this christian walk. though sometimes i may do wrong things but u know what? love covers, forgive and forgets, it takes me reli alot to forget somethings becos sometimes i find that im just not God. i do hold some resentment in me when i'm pissed or directly offended by anyone. but i know God is not happy with it, becos its too heavy a burden for me to carry and slows down my marathon with God. like a sheep, i need to trim away my wools time n again. hehe.. but i think its quite cute to look at a sheep with wool so long n heavy it covers the eye.. duhz.. okok.. nuff of my nonsense, when i feel sleepy, i cant talk but my hands can type.

i have always blamed myself for all the wrong things that has happened. but now i want to do good for the glory of god!!!
you know you love me

Monday, July 02, 2007
at 1:39 AM

recently felt that i really dun know my friends very well, and how far i stand from their lifes, being like what the bible says, to be influencial, to be interactive and to be a problem solver, i just felt im reli far from it..

but nevertheless, i know this is not the end of the road, i still have my other half of my life to live it on and fulfil what i know im lagging in.

happy birthday Gershon!!!! its officially ur birthday!!! keke.. our idol in each n everyone's heart.. ahaha.. be blessed ok!! all our wishes n dreams involves u cos u r the spark that triggers us to where we wanna go n who we wanna be next time!!!

hmm still haven reli got use with my new LG, if u know of any website to upload songs or nice pics to deco my wallpaper, feel very free to tag me in the tagboarD!!! thanks.. im using ku970 :)
you know you love me


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