Strumming Some Heartstrings

Monday, April 30, 2007
at 2:01 AM

Greater is He

who am i

that u wash my feet

prince of heaven blood

shed for me

who am i

that u called my name

nail my sin to the cross

unfailing grace

greater is He who is in me

greater are You than all the earth

my closest friend, my saviour

so much more than i deserve

let my life bring u honour

let my words bring You grace

Your great love is what i want

my refuge

my shelter

my healer n rest

almighty redeemer

salvation n strength

this song became so nice after it was sang in church 28/04/2007~~ love it~~ by CCC band.
you know you love me

at 1:38 AM

yo.. guess wad.. i've receievd a present from the ward staffs.. before going over.. and a card.. its full of love inside.. i know that if i get to choose again from the start which ward to go to.. i will still choose this ward 43. cos though some unpleasant issues surfaced inbetween, they still love me in the end, God reli arranged for me to be loved!!! and in all that i know, i will have a very caring sister (nurse manager) and ppl oriented staff over there.. yeap.. everything will be good in the end.. i wouldnt say it will be a bed of roses in the beginning, but God is sure to make sure in turns out well in the end.. this is the kind of God that i trust in, end is more important than the beginning.. Thank God for all the seniors who worked with me, especially Ding na and yumei, can say they impacted my nursing life the most, as i want to work towards to be like them.. sometimes may get scolding la, but i know i wun make the same mistake twice, once they told me about it. looking forward to treat them something to eat this wednesday!!! :D thanks for the Guess Wallet!!! very chioo... nazirah choose de. ~


you know you love me

Sunday, April 29, 2007
at 2:04 AM

yoyoyo.... hmm please tag on my tagboard!!! its so empty lo!! its in the white box beside this entry on the left!!!! <------------------ click one of the 4 it shall be the tagboard!! hmm.. sian.. tonight reli boring, been thinking about what is really the things that i have lagged in. maybe its my flaw or anything i didnt do good enough. pls let me know ya? thank you so much for ur valued feedback back back.. haha.

hmm i also wanna be prayed for Gershon, fall under the power n get charged with the holy spirt everyday!! :(
you know you love me

Saturday, April 28, 2007
at 4:08 AM

hello... how should i describe how i love my blog skin now.. hmm.. it just look so natural n warmth, dun u think so? hehe.. doing night shift again. reli thank God for the encounters with Him.. its so real n comforting, so enjoyable peaceful.. how i wish every single day i will feel Him bside me all over again.

went to tiffany's cg today, hmm i reli love to see her preach, she is so captivating n make every point so simplify for her members to understand, no hiccups n its like the anointing oil, just flow so smoothly n pleasing to the ear. dunno why karen said i look tired n not well.. hmm.. actually im quite alright, i've always look tired if i dun smile or issit becos of my eye lids. cos singles so tend to look tired... haiya dunno la. funny leh.. anyway i dun reli know how to operate her hp sia, rang so loud i tot is who's hp ringing during worship. so i just off it for her.. she is so full of the spirit, nv even sleep a wink since her night shift and went for SOT n came to play for cgm. glad to see her actually, cos i was thinking about the previous makeup cgm at her house...

hmm today i wanna try going for service at 4pm. hope i can wake up in time.
you know you love me

Monday, April 23, 2007
at 10:38 PM

hey ppl~~~ do not feel pressured to buy those presents which i've listed, those r for refference only.. any present i receive i will be very glaD!!!

hmm anyway i will confirm my leave when i get to the new ward.. becos dunno can get that leave which i requested in thiw present ward. things r not as easy as i thought i can do it, but i hope those things which r bothering me will find its owner n get solved within. somethings aint as easy as it seems to be, cos of unresloved issues..
you know you love me

Saturday, April 21, 2007
at 12:38 AM

hey guys.. im transferring to ward 44 gynaecology patients~ on the 30th april.. hmm still dunno which week can take leave, update u guys again... cos actually i requested on the 14/5 that week.. quite excited actually... :P but dunno everything will be smooth anot.. but anyway not smooth i will be there to make things smooth~ just like Holy spirit... flows like oil... hehe... i love today's sermon by Gershon... its so powerful... thou those things i already know.. but tend to look at wad is reli requires to receive blessing from God.. :D even if a CEO is how busy.. he will still take time out to hear his son or daughter who storms into the office.. hehe.. just like Daddy God... He is waiting for me to tell Him my desires, and how i should work towards it.
you know you love me

Thursday, April 19, 2007
at 11:12 PM

hmm time to get the wish list over n done with.. in 2007!!!! :

1. a black dress $59 with a waist belt from outfitter girl its like alot of gathers lor.. especially with the champagne gold belt!

2. a black shiny hand scalling bag from bugis street saw with xin, $35 what i bargain from the auntie , usual is $39.90 its like A3 size.. with a gold lock infront.. very class!!!!

3. a black shiny belt, i just saw today at amk hub.. think cost about $10.99, looks solid n easy to match!!

4. sarah jessica parker "lovely" scent perfume.

5. renewing your mind, a book by casey treat.

6. casio baby G watch, $168 its slightly sporty, solid white with gold mixture... wow... lovely n it screams attractive n individualism!!! this i will get myself i think, just to manja myself abit!

7. t- shirt dress with a girl print, $39.90 from flesh imp in white. it goes perfectly with my skinny jeans n tights!!

8. an ipod shuffle sock (handmade) can get inspiration from seventeen mag for april 2007!! i need a house for the raver's soul to stay in..
you know you love me

Friday, April 13, 2007
at 12:56 AM

A new song for musical chairs~~ singing in a tune of 3 little tigers... haha.. (just for fun!! )
God is Jesus~
God is Jesus~
You know why~
You know why~
Becoz He died for u~
Becos He died for u~
He loves you~
He loves you~
you know you love me


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