Strumming Some Heartstrings

Monday, February 27, 2006
at 1:04 PM

A day out with vivi
retroblog for the day out with vivi, shopping and spending time with her is reli fun, after so long, i felt reli at ease speaking to her, like an old friend, which is reli an old friend, after so long since our sec sch days. Must been reli tough to keep friendships for quite few years even without seeing each other.. discussed almost everything from work to birthday celebration to friends haven met for a long while. sitting at coffee bean for the longest time since sec sch ba i think.. was sharing about my work stuff and the ppl i met there..

sometimes i felt reli upset working there but till now every single time i begin to know God has a plan for my life, i began to smile :). i realised something too, if im upset and hope that God can turn it around, i must first move my both cheeks muscles up, then will i open God's comfort over my emotions. so many a times i felt so stupid in the ward, alot of things i learnt yet still made mistakes, i blamed myself badly for not being able to perform. But each time He comfort me, indeed placed some grace over my life, my colleagues didnt even got angry with me, just gave me strict advices.. i must thank God already for them. some obstacles seems so irritating and pain in the ass (felt it physically). -.- but thinking back, they r placed in my life for a purpose, its the area im lagged in, patience and the will to strive.

vivian and i work from somerset to orchard to far east, after so far, she bought so many things, but i haven even got one for myself.. lol... maybe wat i longed for is a true friend's company.. Thanks vivi!
you know you love me

at 1:07 AM

felt reli tired and burdened recently.. about my work and stuff, my arm shoulder leg all so painful.. somemore now my dad been so resistent to the teachings in church, he thinks that all things work naturally and without God everything can go its own way too.. thanking God in finding a job and losing a job seems too bizzare for him, the cg leader shared his testimony, and my dad had so many doubts.. went to a friend's church today with my mum.. kept telling my mum things which he reasons with his own thinking... just by hearing him tok makes me sad and burdened again.. went to the kitchen to pray just now, cos my grandma sleep in my room.. i know i have my own sins yet to repent, but i know that God is the one whom i can trust in times of trouble. Where can i go to when all else fails? His arms. His thoughts have everything planned for me and this whole family. i know it is safe in Abba's hands.

prayed and play guitar, hand tired den pray in tongues, not tired den worship Him, although its barely an hour, but i know His presence is there in the stuffy kitchen, the light in the kitchen, the O2 i breathe in, the wind i felt through the window.. cant see Him, but can feel and be touched by Him.. since 2 weeks nv touch my guitar le.. now play le, hand abit cant take it.. but i know i need to get a word from God, to help me pull through all this mess.. was referred to !chronicles 28:20 be strong and of good courage, not be in dismay and fear, just do it. becos He will be with me until i have finished the services in God's house... ye dui la.. i just started ushering.. haha... -.- lamed... i know He means wad Rev Ulf Ekman said, go forth and preach teach and heal the sick.. still a long way to finish all the works of God... so i was... comforted... haha... ok la.. so tired.. gonna sleep le..
you know you love me

Sunday, February 19, 2006
at 11:32 PM

My solid Rock, Almighty God I worship You.
hihi guys... dunno why just now as im playing this song, Lord u r always here with me, i saw flashback of the last cg meeting of 2005, thankgiving cg. i remember hugging mavis and li and yuxin crying together. I felt so heartwarming just thinking back, we loved each other so much, i remembered i said sorry to them and i know they mould me into the Hazel Zoey today. :) They had forgave me of all my past failures like just wad God did. All these friendships in church are build unto my Lord, my solid Rock... relationships are such a marvel to me, its looks so casual, easy to bring about, but so far for reaching the shallow point. If u wanna go deeper in a relationship/friendship it takes a greater initiative and motivation. everyone loves to stay in the comfort zone, but onli true love will motivate u to go further in their lifes, their dreams, their interests, their needs.. And God is Love. wahhhhhhhh great rrrrrrevvalationnnnn!!! muhahahaa... -.- its an old truth been discovered and been preached all over the whole.. even non christian knoes it i think...

today after the service there is a prayer meeting, wanted to pray for the friendship connection 3 weeks from now.. i can say i reli slack in reaching out to yunling.. hmm.. cos our shift work mostly not the same.. so sad.. prayed with elyse and shirl, walking with God talking with God to new friends, thinking with Godly mind, His love is so great, will i ever reached His level?? i know sometimes i can be quite heckcare about wad angry ppl say to me, next day i can happily go tok to the person again.. forgetting wad reli happened, wad a manassah i have in me... did i spell it correctly? hehe.. hmm... shirl told me the prayer meeting was great and touching.. hmm.. guess God reli touches lifes.. and reverse situations in our lifes when we hand our emotions to God, and allow Him to blow away the hurtful thoughts..

Like wat eva said, she's worried for cg attendance, and reli things r not turning for the better, maybe we have slacked in our prayers... and grudges we hold on or faithless living did not welcome the Holy spirit to our cg.. i felt that the Holy Spirit left us.. for quite 2 weeks time.. just a gan jue la.. gosh... have i grieve the Spirit?

Last wed and today was about repent upon our God, did we reli show out the Jesus in us? or there are some sins we are still commiting, last wed bs was pastor zhuang preaching about repentance from dead works, he gave an altar call and most of us lifted up our hands.. i was teary as usual, My Lord had touched me a great way since i last sliding back to God 2 years ago. so happy! i know i dun want to live alife different from church again... a life, 1 and only not a double life... for God.

errmm also wanna share about my dear section leader in ursher.. Florence Tee!!! She told me about the ursher ministry and im reli proud of her to shar her testimony about her breakthrugh in her workplace, slary increment up to 80%!!! hmm...i also hope one day i can be like her.. she told me ursher may seem boring and routine but try to make more friends like about 100 of them becos every week u will serve with different ppl and it makes all things look pleasant working with God's ppl!!! :P i love to hear her speak!

dear friends in the cellgroup... i know sometimes i may not have a good attitude or right response toward things happening... i know it and i will repent from it. My Abba in heaven still makes intercession for me in Heaven. can say sometimes i will feel abit lonely, maybe becos ppl moved on while i have not.. im still lagging behind alone. i hate to work, it makes me tired, lethargic to praise God and drains me physically and mentally.... but wad to do?? its the onli place to shine for God.. hang on yea.... Jesus lifts me up!
you know you love me

Monday, February 13, 2006
at 3:52 PM

Forever I will sing of Your great Love
its a song in the service yesterday, was an old hillsong but sang once again in church.. felt so touched and realised wat i wanna do is to sing of His great love to others who didnt know about God yet... i felt glad that im able to feel God's touch once again after searching my own heart which is of a priority.. i want to run to You.

Thank God for my water baptism ytd!! it was good... and i felt renewed.. tot ell the truth.. i couldnt stop smiling from then till now.. God's love and his generosity is with me. Even if anything come against me, i know i have a stronghold from Jesus. He shall and will be my supporter.. till forever. my new baptism name is Zoey it signifies a spirit-God-filled life in me.. and i thank God for it!! its reli something i want to have and can nv do without.

Tomorrow's v day le. outing with the cg members to suntec.. :P i hope everthing's gonna revolved around God, everything in love and pureness. So many things happen in my life and i hope life can take a slower pace in my life so tat i can catch up on wat i have missed.. if only i can change ppl's heart..

waiting for my birkenstock sandals.. :(
you know you love me


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