Strumming Some Heartstrings

Friday, October 31, 2003
at 11:03 PM

hohoho... today finish studying the SAQ liao.. but 60 mcq havens tudy,,, hmm still left 1 half day.. abit gan jiong... becos haven reli gone into memorising just rem some impt ones... hmm today is a miracle study so long from 130pm to 8.30pm. jing zhang sia.. dunno why my bf cannot gif me peace de lehx.. haiz..... shit de la! dunno wad else can i do... always wanna show me his face.. study so sian already still like tat treat me.. if i wrong shoudl tell me right... argh.. hai.. mayne he not good wif words.. maybe i shouldnt always mind so much abt wad he says....... hmm tired after a long day in school.. finally can rest le.. ciaoz...... nitex.
you know you love me

Tuesday, October 28, 2003
at 12:30 PM

yo guys~ .. today tuesday le.. now studying test for thursday... hmm but mcq should be alright.. :) hehe should have some faith.."faith is Like electricity. You Can't See it, but You can See the Light." hmm should remember this phrase by heart.. becos i always no confidnece in myself de..somemore these few days like insomia... can't sleep until 3.. Dunno why.. 1+ wanna sleep turn n toss until 3+ then!! anyone got an mian yao!!! hmm next tues is our 9th month liao.. but on tat day going wif juan to maybe do treatment for the hair of do rebonding.. should go anot? becos haven buy present for him too.. lolx.. the money is onli enough for either present or hair....... jialat jialat...... hmm no time to waste le.. study time... n lastly hope jasmine will recover soon becos now exam period... gastric flu but reli take care of urself in small details.. can't let the flu recurred again.. if not the antibiotic wun have use le... gal.. *hugs* *God Will Heal You* =D
you know you love me

Friday, October 24, 2003
at 11:17 AM

hmm nothing much.. ytd i tried to cook my favourite laksa.. of cos not make the gravy myself.. i use the packet de.. already prepared.. my mum's friend bought for her.. so my mum ask me to cook.. hehe.. im a chef!! first mix the laksa paste n the coconut powder... then mix wif 600ml of water n cook unitl boil.. prepare "cu mi fen" n cut them until shortened. "yu bing" , tou gay , toupok* washed .. n put into boiling water to cook, the unwanted oil out.. toupok squeezed out the boiled water.. then cut into sliced n put into the laksa soup.. use a pot n cooked the "cu mi fen" ... then can pour the laksa soup over the noodle add some prawns n the other ingredients.. put some chili by the side then can eat liao!!!!!! yeah!!!!! keke.... hhahaa the whole blog wasted on Laksa... paiseh ah.. haha.

but ytd i cook 1/2 way sweaty all over my bf called n make me angry again..hahaa.. my mum always think he is giving in to me.. say y i always shout at him.. she nv noe he also got shout at me..then i very pek chek.. becos he onli care abt the vcd of jang na ra.. n nv guan wo....... sobx... haiz.. nvm la.. we made up le.. lolx dunno why i so easily can cry de.... :x hope he dun make me heart broken again.........
you know you love me

Wednesday, October 22, 2003
at 12:37 PM

hello hello.... sobx sia.. ytd i dream tat me n family go to some place that is full of lights.. n very pretty~~ we were on a bus viewing the beautiful lights... hohoho.. dunno y my bf not in my dream.. haha.. then i met a boy wor.. he also same age as my bf.. he quite shuai wor... then wear a specs which is the same as my bf de.. so qi guai..... then we both chat abt alot of things.. haha... then the bus can fly de.. like the magic school bus..~~ wEEEeee.. then i ask him wad's his name..he look at me then say im Colin?? y dun recognise me?? suddenly become very angry... then i tio shock n wake up le.. stupid dream sia~ ...

Today i wake up.. my maid tell me my sister nv go work.. i tot she sick sia.. then maid said she go n see her house liao.. wah.. last week is my er jie now is my da jie.. all pay instalment for the flat liao~~~ sooooooo fast... hmm.. i suddenly felt abit empty lehx.... aiyo.. if they all moved out le.. although nobody fight the toilet wif me n my potato chips wun finish so fast anymore.. but nobody go jogging wif me le.. nobody watch friends wif me.. n i have to eat dinner alone le.. ~~>.<~~ haiz.... hope time dun pass so fast now...... (-.-)
you know you love me

Monday, October 20, 2003
at 11:10 AM

yoz.. one week le.. these Few Days aLl stuDy at homE for Next sat test..Wif coLin.. je came my house.. haiz.. so sian.. haha.. finally realised we cant study together de.. we either cook something to eat or watch vcd.. haha.. then also nv reli study much.. hohoho... not gonna touch gunbound until my test over.. .."ren"!!! yeah.. ytd we went to watch movie.. . nothing much to watch lehx.. so we choose cabin fever. the show really is gross lor.. the grp of ppl killed that infected man in the forest accidentally n the man dorwn in the reservoir nearby n infected their water for (drinking) too.. so in the end the ppl in the cabin got infected too.. their skin start decaying n n vomited a lot of blood.. everywhere!!! eEEeeEEeE!! haha.. one of them tried to get help from the nearby provision shop. but the shopkeeper's daugther go n bite the infected person .. shopkeeper claimed that he passed the disease to his daughter so wanna kill him... some of the infected ppl already died.. then got a lot of maggots!! Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!.. er xin.. ok lar.. finally the little children got their water from the reservoir to make lemonade... haha then the police n shop keepers all drink.. ~~>.<~~ orbi good.. becos they killed all the infected ppl, instead of trying to save them..
you know you love me

Monday, October 13, 2003
at 1:42 PM

hehe.. ytd then i start to play gunbound.. haha. always aim buey zhun de.. -.-" today reli nothing happen lor just tat i go bathe liao then want to go school wait for bus.. my friends say lecture cancel so i go back home liao...... ytd reli "bei zhen" by my bf.. i go bathe tat time i scared colin will call me so i bring my house fone inside the bathroom.. but the fone nv ring.. yuan lai he call my hp... saw the missed call.. i bathe becos he say he will meet me.... kuku de he missed call me wif his sister's fone so i call back he left house liao... then his fone haven connect back mahz.. then i also cannot contact him.. sobz.. i tot he come my house n pick me so i wait at my house lor.. then after awhile he msg issit i called his sister foen just now.. tmd !! his fone can use liao.. nv tell me.. everything also let me last to noe.. then i called him n confront him lar.. he say he going out alone.. not meeting me.. then i say "fine!" then i put down liao.. i msg him dun call me anymore then.. everything also wanna bluff me..(he changed his fone to 7250 last last week i also ytd then noe de.) he msg back he wun call me anymore becos he going to die le.. wtf!!? suan le.. i say issit beside me he got another girl.. she must have been better then me in many ways.. .. awhile later i tried calling him.. but he dun answer n off his fone.. tmd!!!! argh!! i reli fire big liao lor sad n cried..... then awhile later he say he outside my house....... then i look at him angrily at the door.. then he took foto of my angry facE!! .. he say he bluff me de.. he wun go out himself.. then he just now on the bus to my house le.. actually he wanna gif me surprise me.. hai wo angry for nothing... i said : NEXT TIME DUN PLAY THIS KIND OF JOKE!!! ARGH.... in the end alos forgive him...he asked me if i reli think he have another girl.. actually i dun believe .. but he hates to be yuan wang.. so i will play the bad guy n "yuan wang" him... ehehe.... so after tat we went out lor.. eat seoul garden at marina sq... wah fat 1kg liao.. fatty Queen is me!!! (--,) -end of blog-
you know you love me

Saturday, October 11, 2003
at 2:53 AM

hiz morninGG~~ >.<~~just now went out wif bf.. then he suddenly very sad..treat me very cold.. walk very fast then left me alone behind... ia lso not happy mahz... i tot he dunlove me le.. but he told me tat he bet soccer lost his school fees away...... monday have to hand in the school fees... then by next week have to return bookie money.. haiz.. all add together around 500++...... haiz.. i dun have any personal saving or wat lehx.... in such a short time i dun have $$$ to lend him.....was very worried.... he told me he bet the soccer ish today the football... wad against china de..... i dun think i heard wrong. u guys noe my hearing not very good de lor. somemore very blur de..... -.-" just now tok to one of my friend... her bf also got bet soccer de.... she said today no matches lehx..... somemore if i say i hear wrongly.. maybe bf is say recently de.. somemore but no china de lehx...... haiz.. i reli dunno. im a blur kia.. my friend teach me to ask my bf tomorrow which match he is betting on.. .. somemore he said just now passby taka... he saw the score results.... thats why suddenly so sad.... my friend say taka where got show the score results...... ... i reli hope my friend is right. becos i rather he bluff me tat he lose money than reli owe bookie so much.. somemore no money pay school fees....... k e l i a n...
you know you love me

Friday, October 10, 2003
at 12:17 AM

yoz... hmm today was a short day for me.. school until 3... then go home liao..finally joined the friendster.. lol.. then that idiot web say my cookie cannot enable.. then finally tried all 3 ways then can officially joined.. hmm today was usual waiting for my bf call after he reached home.. he called me then like sian sian de.. i also dunno why.. well maybe we reli tok for the past 8 months++ nothing more to tok liao?? haha. tat was wad i scared most... :D but if it reli happen i also cannot pretend it didnt .. i onli asked him if his dad will scold if he found him hogging on the fone instead of studying again... then he said "ok i go do my things.. bye" i haven even got a chance to say bye sia...... -.-" sads.... abit teary la my eyes. maybe u all read liao wun think its too much of a prob.. but to me.. his coldness will freeze my heart.. tears will flow..... but haha~ . i can handle de.. cos im strong. . (trying to console myself) . but he got call me after tat say his mum scolded him just now.. when he was toking to me.. tats why he bad mood..... okie. if he can vent his anger on me.... :\ nothing liao... bye.
you know you love me

Thursday, October 09, 2003
at 1:23 AM

hi morning everyone.. now is sleeping time liao.. all zzz. hmm today come back from school then nua until now liao.. just now i go ntuc buy the cookie flour again.. becos his brothers n sis love to eat the cookies.... so i think i make more lor.. i bought some m&m minis.. dunno add liao will too sweet anot.. last time i got make b4 .. but tat time my cookies taste like muffins.... muhahaa. friday he meeting me.. i say wanna go swimming... i say say onli he like take real.. say going to buy a new swimming trunks..:P how sia how sia.. tan lian ai is such a bother.. always dunno where to go.... wan to go shopping but this week nv work....... no money lehx. he no hp now.. just sold.. also cant contact him..... sometimes abit scared he reach home will forget to contact me.... :X hope tml is a better day! -end-
you know you love me

Tuesday, October 07, 2003
at 10:39 PM

ni men hao... hehe feeling abit sad.. dunno why maybe i felt tat something amissed in the relationship... think i becoming more n more dependent on colin.. sometimes he just offline n wifout saying a word n leave his house.. when i called him also nobody answers... just now he studying when i called him again.. he said call me later.. after awhile he called again.. m very happy tat he finally got time to tok to me.. but he said becos i called him quite alot of times previously so he called me back. haha.. its a normal reply.. but i feel my heart feeling abit funny...... does he called me becos i called him? haha.. so funnie making my toes laughing... :D i wondered if i nv call him for the whole day will he ever call me ?? hmm thousands of qns marks on my head.. maybe thinking too much le bahz... so i felt my heart was not feeling rite.. i wrote an email to him since he dun have a hp now... telling him how i feel n i told him dun need to come n console me saying i feeling toosensitve or wad.. but i justwanted to let him noe my feelings... my purpose was not wanting him to apologise... at all.. i dun wan him to always think tat writing how i feel abt him means wanting him to say sorry or wad kind of shit.... i dunno la.. wad a confusing sh** for me....... -.-||| maybe i should learn to be more independent. :D yeah~~ ?
you know you love me

Monday, October 06, 2003
at 2:30 AM

monday niao... yawnz.. finish disc 7 liao.. that ke lian song er always had a hard life at her workplace.. tong qing her leh.. tried so hard to change pp's view of her but to no avail..argh!! crying non stop nehx... i guess these few days.. my eyes reli like dunno wad.. everyday cry over vcd abit stupid huh! :P today went cycling wif my dead.. hmm he said i always too fierce le.. im sorry sorry.. apologised many times liao.. but sometimes i reli cant control my temper.. ppl always say its ok if u noe that u r wrong n willing to change.. but can u kill someone n say sorry after tat... hmm no wonder he today abit quiet .. i noe i wrong liao la.. next time i will try to tok softer.. so tat even if i angry, it will be too soft to be heard. :P muahaha..... joking la... after cycling we went to eat steamboat at suntec.. reli full sia.. guess next time we wun go there again liao.. abit sian the food.. :x gain back my weight liao i think! shit shit shit!!!!! arghhh.. end of blog.
you know you love me

Sunday, October 05, 2003
at 2:58 PM

yoyo.. paiseh paiseh.. so long nv blog liao.. today is sunday. ytd is me n colin 8th month anniversary.. actually also nothing much la. we spend the evening together lor. then he pass me the watch.. finally got one new watch.. if not when LY ask around for the time she wun ask in vain.. haha.. nowadays ppl always nv bring watch.. ytd on the streets just got an auntie ask me for the time leh.. i watch the hong tou nu zhi lian disc 4 liao.. idiot one dunno the xian cheng got wad illness.. see liao want to cry er finally found her true love liao.hmm.. few days ago chat wif an irc girl she said she engaged wif her boyfriend liao.. they onli together 8 months wor.. but they noe eachother way before they get together liao... me is different case so cannot compare.. somemore our age so young.. hahahaha okok i think too much liao.. just hope he will stay true to me... tats all guys!
you know you love me

Thursday, October 02, 2003
at 1:05 AM

morning... now is already thursday le.. actually this blog is abt wednesday de.. hmm actually nothing happened too.. just suddenly want tomake agar agar for colin to eat tml.. he like angry wif me leh.. becos just now he wan to swaer tat something wasnt right, he will get knocked down by car tml.. i wan to prevent him from saying break so i say if he say now i will say break wif him now. he like silent for a second.. then i explain to him tat i was onli joking i wun reli break up wif him de.. be cos i love him n why i say the break thing just now is becos i scared he swaer to god.. haiz.. always becos of small things quarrel de. but i hope he can meet up wif me tml..becos i want to let him taste wad i have made for him.. :) pls god hope u let his mood be good tomorrow.......... haiyo want to pass jasmine the mc tml also cannot.. i think too troublesome for her liao... im sorry jasmine for always have to trouble u.. :\
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