Strumming Some Heartstrings

Sunday, October 24, 2004
at 1:22 AM

This 2 weeks at ttsh ward 11B was reli an eye opener for me... its the ward which i learnt the most things i supposed.. reli enhanced my learning experience to the max!! it was all very nice.. the staff nurses... sisters.. all very caring towards us students... flexible break times.. although sometimes very busy in the ward.. wif wound dressings.. drainage removal , STO, post op interventions.. fractures.. alot alot.. would nto be able to name all procedures.. :P hmm during the last day of atachment.. was reli the worst day..hmm was changing a patient's wound dressinf of multiple bedsores.. 1 big n long wound.. 2 small dress at the back.. one near the private part.. one at the stomach.. all together 5 "holes" la.. liewxz.. while me n one collegue changed hsi dressing.. wound.. he passed motion.. liewx.. very smelly.. heng got diapers. if not i die.. den after nvm we both decide to change the diapers b4 continue the dressing so i change lor.. den after cleaning one wound.. he passed again.. very watery... v smelly.. den we bo bian change again...... aiyo..den we do 1/2 way something happened.. dun need i say u all also noe la.... HE PASSED AGAIN!!!! ARGHH... HENG I got put extra protective sheet under the pampers.. if nto sure dirty.. wait change bedsheet again... hmm washed hands like 5 times...... washed wif the antisepic lotion till our hand wanna wrinkled liao... cos wound dressing must be very clean the lian right.. so after the whole think finish 1 hour passed le.. thats why i say hospital times passed very fast.. den haiz.. today im like the clearing shit nurse.. the staff nurse kept ask me take bed pan that one bring toilet.. haiz.. abit PMS that day already lor.. den reli dun feel good.. i saw the call bell of bed 39 rang.. so i go n answer lor.. the auntie kept asking me to bring her toilet becos she add the laxatives.. for her to pass motion.. in the end u noe wad.. i was helping her to remove the pampers.. den abit of the watery stools on my hands.. i was reli pissed lor.. some mroe i nv wear gloves.. so i washed my hands like 3 times.. b4 i go back to the toilet to see if she's finished wif her business.... she kept asking me to pour water on her backside so she can washed.. she wasnt even thnakful i help her so far to the toilet. get her wad she wants.. haiz.. that stupid auntie.. arghh... she told me she can mam=nage her own when i send her to the bed.. asked me to leave her.. like hope i can get out of her sight.. so i go lor...... den u noe wad.. she go n complained to the nursing office who is so called the "sister" . she scolded me again.. say i left the auntie alone.. nv care abt patient's safety.. haiz.. today already very dao mei.. she still scold me all that without caring abt my feelings.. so i dunno what happened also.. cried again. im so lousy.. feeling reli lousy for the rest of the day..... haiz.. she asked me why i wanna become a nurse.. she wasnt the first one to asked me this le... but i didnt noe wad to answer so i say i like to help ppl.. indeed i reli enjoy getting my patients out off their trouble.. seeing them having a comfortable stay is my job. haiz i dunno wad went over me when i left the patient alone by the bedside.. the sister scolded me say i nv cared abt my patient's safety.. wad if she falls? i would not be able to bear the consequences. anyway i cried not becos she scolded me.. but becos i felt that it was a very lousy day to be .. i mean last day liao cannot let me qing song abit meh... liewz.!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH... ALL GO N ***. okok.. fa xie wan bi

.today i went to church, teaching about giving thanks to God in every situation that im in.. God appreciates our thanks giving n praises more in a situation which we r most inconvenient of .. the time which we most dun feel like praising God.. just like Paul n Silas in the bible.. they were in a prison so dark and dirty.. very inconvenient for praising God.. but they were singing hymns to Gos and the prisoners were listening to them. suddenly there was a great earthquake and the foundations of the prison were shaken; and immediately all the doors opened.. everyone's chains were loosed" Acts 16:25This verse reli explains how God appreciates our thankgiving anf praise when in a time of difficulty, in a very inconvenient setting like the prison.. God can see wad we do in a time of misery.. troubled... inconvenient time.. haiz.. that explains why im so unlucky ytd... when the lectuere gave me the attachment marks on Friday.. i wasnt reli happy.. becos its like a C.. den its all along on my heart.i nv give thanks to God for His mercy and Grace upon me.. even in a bad situation.. i must thank God for giving me an oppotunity to learn~ i kept having this hatred and unforgivingness in my heart. that leads to me being less attentive to the patients around me..

*When every thing goes wrong.. i still can praise God becos the Lord is Good; His mercy is everlasting and His truth endurs to all generations.. *

Thank God for everything u let me have a revelation on.. it reli applies to my life.. love Jesus always :)
you know you love me

Sunday, October 10, 2004
at 6:59 PM

hiya pals... backie.. missing for quite awhile cause my com kena serious virus recently.. den nv online for almost 2 weeks.. so everything have to go school n pritn .. haiz.. sad right.. miss u all alot.. today just when sentosa to celebrate my church cell group memeber's birthday.. Joanna. hmm she's a very friendly and cheerful girl.. den she got alot of friends sia.. envy..but she still got play games wif us.. despite being busy.hmm today i prepared 25 sandwiches.. den end up dunno got finish anot.. cos alot of ppl bring alot of food also.. :X me n colin went harbourfront together... at first he ay not coming de.. heng i pester him till he came. ~ er.. we played alot of games.. frisbee captain's ball.. "water" dog n bone.. den got play a polar bear game.. den guessing who is the monster de.. wah.. i almost drown. i dunno how to swim wad.. v jialat right.. but heng i can float.. den i slowly float back to the shore lor. got liling they all guide me.. if not i will "floating" around.. :P er.. then after that we went to bathe le.. when bathing den i realised my tanned lines... wah.. real red sia..after bathing got sing joanna one song which one of the cell grp memeber compose for her de.. joanna listen till touched sia.. not bad right.. den we lai bu ji wait for the cake cutting .. den leave le cos colin got project haven finish. tml going attachment le.. treat it as last enjoyment b4 work bahz.. hmm anything blog tomolo la.. got to print out my e lectures le. after attachment straight is exam den attachment for 1 month again.. liewz. sian.. k lar. lastly..

I love you colin.
you know you love me


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