Strumming Some Heartstrings

Friday, April 24, 2009
at 1:09 PM

This Is Our God

Servant and King rescue the world, this is our God. He never stops stiring in my heart, in each of His songs, in each of His podcast, i find Him talking to me, His thoughts about me and the things that i do, they r so important to me, i think i want to stay by His side forever. hehe.

Listening to Joyce Meyer podcast every single day is my latest craze n addiction, i love to what she says about how difficult it is to live the right life for God. It is indeed hard but when we insist on doing what is right in His eyes, although so sometimes our flesh or our emotions always dont feel like doing, He will make sure our emotions catch up with our actions!

I was chatting with WK on the bus ytd about his life and what he was his latest Goal in life, what he was doing lately in his life, was quite amazed becos of what he shared his experience and relationship wtih God, and how ppl was there to bring God to him when he felt very dry spiritually. How ppl told him encounters about God doing in their life really touched him alot, he even fasted for one of our close friend every single week, to keep the person staying in God's house. I told him he is not alone, to fast n pray together. As what pastor says, what u can see is temporary, what u cannot see last for for enternity. i believe when we dont depend totally on our physical strength so much, leaning on God is much more powerful than what we can imagine.

So happy to hear from ppl around me about God, it shows how God is working in everyone of us so hard, as long as we keep our prayers consistent. A Living testimony is what we can be in the midst of our friends n family who have yet to know about God. We r the 'nearest' 'Jesus' they can see in us. It became so much alive and real God is to me, this is MY GOD.
you know you love me

Thursday, April 09, 2009
at 11:59 PM

Livini is the First lady to receive the KS wallet from the postman while she is having her meal!
This is the NEW Adoration this month of April! To celebrate the end of building fund!!

You got to love urself before u can love others! :P

You have got the reason to reward ur hardwork, when u cant see the harvest yet~

Easter day! here i come!! Devil watch out! this is to pre advance celebrate the souls that r saved this weekend!! :D

Though i know i got all the views needed for the front (wallet) still my cam-phone can't stop!

Even my bed is saying i love you to the wallet!

And the brown leather inside with smooth yellow underlinings~ hehe.. guess its worth the wait. :D Thank God for it!

you know you love me

Saturday, April 04, 2009
at 5:38 PM


Been reading the book by ULf Ekman, it says of a spiritual leader, Jesus, that had spent His time well invested into His disciples. Shown them about compassion, love and by being a model and a stronghold, a teacher. God has indeed been good to me, telling me the things that i dont know by giving me impressions in my heart, becos He knows that i can't really take harsh words from ppl, but somehow i just felt what they meant in between their words. when pastor preached about faith, it was something that can be built within us, but it is also something that will leak day by day when u do nothing about it. i think all christians go through a tough patch every now and then. its nothing i suppose.

Went for cgm ytd, seen all the ppl that had turned up, it was the amosphere that bothered me even if it is after cgm, even when i was joking at laughing out loud, i couldnt bring myself out of the fact that i didnt played the guitar well, to bring down the presence of God,someone called me and asked me how was cgm, i couldnt explained more than ok, becos it wasn't ok, it wasn' satisfactory, but i dun want to appear like the whole world owed me. lol. sometimes i just hate to be me, i just hate my attitude of contained capacity, i hate my bad time management, when i look at others why did they have multiplied time, how did they have a willing heart and yet touched lifes around them so much, was it just me or it wasnt for me. Y is the dream that God placed in me seems so vague?

Well yes i understand the principles of God, i must confess the promises of God till i see it happen to me, i will hold on, Genesis 1:1-4 says about how God started the Heaven n Earth thingy, how The Holy Spirit was hovering around the Earth, but the Earth was still dark n void, untill He said something "Let there be light." it was through a spoken word. Confession is so important, it changing how things will turn out with a believing heart.

i will work towards the person God wants me to be. Thank Lord for Jiayi, it was sincere and full of compassion, i was touched by the simple prayers that she prayed, it was long since i last heard someone prayed for me. i want a harvest. God, a Harvest.
you know you love me


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