Strumming Some Heartstrings

Thursday, November 20, 2003
at 5:27 PM

lolz.. yo~ hmm these few days dunno why dun have the mood for blogging.. keke maybe i noe nobody's reading my blog la.. those 2 imps all not in sg.. sian sia.. jasmine also bz working.. no one read my bloG!! hehehe.. erm actually is i lazy to blog la.. these few days all spend wif my dear.. except ytd n today dunno he meeting me later anot.. miss him sia.. er.. ya lor.. i think i feeling insecure sia.. the previous night.. i dreamt that he go out wif a girl nick is maoz..she got a twin sister who is as pretty... aiyo.. she very pretty.. then some more they like to eat the same kind of food.. ( i read her friendster info.. both of them in my friendster list too) lolz.. i wonder if they both r single will they be together.. i was so sad.. in the dream that i woke up crying real loud.. heng no one at home if not very malu sia ... -.-" i dreamt that colin told me he going out wif her n bought her chocolates n flower.. hmm.. he nv bought me any of those b4.. sobz.. i told colin abt this dream he say i siao.. i must be too insecure le.... really lor..idiot one.. both of them all like onion egg n cheese cake..... many things similar.. i tot i was reading colin's friendster..... aiyoyo.. dun say liao wait i become jealous monster..... hmm.. although i not pretty n skinny like them.. at least i got colin by my side.. n my own grp of friends..... (am i consoling myself?...... dunno too.) Hope he can prove me wrong that im stil stand an impt place in his heart.. take caRe galz...........
you know you love me

Sunday, November 16, 2003
at 2:54 AM

keke~Dear guys.. think im a little late ya~ im actually trying to blogged for 2 days ago becos now already 2.40am... hmm.. i worked in St banquet ytd , the day b4 .. on friday actually colin dun have shift.. but he asked meiyi if he can workedanot.. cos he in need of some cash .. thank god mei yi let him work..then he dun need send back home becos actually overstaff that night.. hmm then when juan came.. at 7pm .. she giave me a black pot face.. haiz.. didnt noe she angry wif me wo.. haiz.. whole day without her toking in my ears abit bu xi guan. she say she wasnt in the wrong not to gif up her shift.. but i reli telling the truth lor... hoping if she could help, in the end.. i already say nvm le.. since colin last time say he dun wan any shift.. so juan nv help him book... she need to replenish her money for buying her clothes.. hmm.. ok lor.. but heng during hte dinner she still got ask me wanna take bowls anot.. keke xing hao not angry le.. if not i surely die of guiltiness becos i didnt noe she felt like she was bullied..... ok .. hmm nothing much le.. except that bloody colin scold me say dun chee bye.. -.-|| abit pissed off la.. cos he nv use this kind of words to said me b4.. abit disappointed la.. dunno wad kind of influenece his friends r gifving him.. dun like to hear the cb word mahz..!!! which GIRL LIKE!!! ARGHH.... then i whole day dun tok to him lor... i asked him why he wanna scold me the cb word.. he say he wasnt scolding me.. i asked then scold who?? he just kept quiet... kaoz,, reli one leh.. but inthe end he got apologised n promised not to say this kind of farking words again in my presence.. geez.. today work until 12am end up 140 reach home.. i rather work until 2am la.. but the bloody kanesan dun like me & colin.. so gif us the bloody kind of time like 12am.. ask me do this n dat.. >,< hmm hopin for a better day tomorrow..... ciao
you know you love me

Thursday, November 13, 2003
at 11:47 PM

hihi!!! how r u guys!! keke anyway who will reply me.... (-.-") went sentosa ytd.. kinda tired after that but got too extreme creatures who dun feel tired.. wanna walk until super wear out then go home.. so i follow lor.. muahaha.. didnt wanna review who those women are.. very ming xian wor.. keke they got kind of weird character wor.. lolx.. looks like im the odd one always.. if me i sure after the beach thingy go home n sleep le.. they still can walk orchard n amk until leg rot then go home online till 1am then sleep pei fu pei fu~~~ keke they reli can spend quite alot when go out de wor.. so go out wif them cannot bring too much money... :x actually wanna buy the giodano jeans de nv bring money sobz... anyway the jeans wun fly away.. :P so long liao still there mahz... hmm that jastina reli red until at first apple later on become tomato.. now is peach... -.-||| bu cuo ma~~ nice to eat.. her friends say look like lobster~~ hmm~~ yum yum~~ see her wanna eat liao.. appetite gain!! but vi see her nv eat can eat alot more..... qi guai de.. where got ppl as qi guai as the shou zi.... wif me the whole day shopping on monday onli buy the sweater.. ytd can buy wad ever shit sia.. cover stick use faster then me sia.. not bad..... hmm just now see my dar he like black face de.. yuan lai his dad scold him just now.. before he came out.. lolx. he very cute de... always make me laugh... :P hmm he cut his hair reli short le.. but juan dun wan to let him have the shift.. so ke lian.. haiz.. can see tat his face not very happy lor becos he nv cut his hair so short b4... haiz.. if onli im juan then i will gif him wad ever shift he wants.... good luck to dar's practical tomolo!!! remember all the safety rules n signs!!! muackz.. he's the besT!! :D~~
you know you love me

Monday, November 10, 2003
at 12:21 PM

Morning~~ hehe 12pm is my waking time now.. :D hmm ytd went movies wif colin.. we watched matirx revolution... quite a nice show.. beta than i expected.. maybe u all noe i dun watch those action pact de lor... kkee he also noe i dun like.. i maybe appeared abit boring la.. then he like not happy le... gif a black face once more.. (sometimes i reli wish we were good friends rather then lovers) over this small thing he can ignore me.. shit! his ass!. hahhaa.. dunno wad he wants la.. then later i asked him again why he suddenly ignored me. he say he noe i dun like to watch matrix de...but still watched wif him... (issnt lovers supposed to sacrifice sometimes for each other?) (-.-") sometimes he also got pei me watch those love comedy mahz.... but turned out ot be quite boring for him..... i also nv like tat.. he suddenly said wanna go home tml start school early n want me to go home... wtf?? is wif him?? haha.. forget it.. im too tired to hoax him anymore.. waiting for him to explain himself later.. Good wad guys dun nid to be hoax everytime de... sometimes also must show him some FACES OF MINE. MuHaHaHaHaHa........
you know you love me

Saturday, November 08, 2003
at 3:09 PM

haha.. hey ytd went ms wif shujuan.. exploded 3 clubs in one night.. hehe.. becos ladies free mahz.. so anyhow chuang.... haiz.. maybe im feeling unsecured.. haiz.. he noe those twins le.. they even chatted wif him.. haiz.. add them in the friendster.. i noe i shouldnt be so paranoid over this kind of small things but i just cant put my heart lying down. maybe they r too pretty.. n he find them damn pretty too.. just now called him quite a few times he nv answer the fone... then went he called me im washing my face.. so i nv answer.. he said his friends playw if his fone.. or maybe he went out wif girls?/ my god shouldnt have think this way bah.. love is trust.... thats what i say to him.. just now when i called him back.. he didnt answer immediately.. dunno if he was wif gers or wad.. i find myself lesser n lesser confidence in myself.. why why why.. feel like crying.. becos when i said ask him to call me later lor.. he said bye.. he usually will wan to tok to me de.. keke... dun feel like writing le.. if cry in front of juan abit stoopid~ haha.. >.<~~ :)
you know you love me

Friday, November 07, 2003
at 1:34 AM

Dear guys.. hmm after so long i nv blogged le.. everytime i blogged sure got ppl find me chat or on the fone de.. hmm today finally can peacefully write my blog le.. (-.-")haiz.. although im still worried abt my exams.. but i cant waste my holidays away ritE? haha.. actually tomolo going shopping wif my friends de.. now.. seems like cant le sobz.. no clothes for clubbing liao always where the same one verysian lehx.. :x just now toking to my bf he say i good lor delete all the picture of we both together de int he friendster.. nvm he say dun nid to change the pictures le.. but hehe i just changed haiz.. hope he will be happy.. but i delete pics is see which one put very long then delete de mahz.. new ones of cos i dun delete la.. hai.. abit sad la alays argue over these kindof small little stuffs.. sometimes i reli hate myself why i have to cry so easily.. keke.. you r rite girls r made of water de.. .. and coincidently im those who have a huge tank of water de.. ~~>.<~~ haiz.. when can i stop crying for this guy.. when he start to dun care abt me i will cry de.. n if he misunderstood mei will also cry.. if i think of the hardships we went togehter.. i will also cry.. okok CALL ME A CRY BABY K? -.-||| - end of blog - ***hope sat n sun faster come very long nv see dar dar le... ***
you know you love me

Monday, November 03, 2003
at 5:39 PM

yoz guys... today im just sickling freak!!! first time in my life time got exam phobia n starts to feel sick... (-.-") sobz.. headache n feels like throwing up.. hmm now after a nap should be ok le!! hehe all exams finish le~~ on satturday i found out i lost my purse.. left it on the bus. but heng someone return to the interchange... (^_^)\/ sometimes kind souls are all arounD~ u will nv noe~~ today the exam.. got 14 unsure of correct mcq n abt 30 marks dunno will correct anot SAQ.. hmm im trying to rule out all the qns im unsure of.. haiz.. like tat minus.. dunno still can pass anot.. who ask me go toilet so many time.. plus the idiotic headache.. which cant help me think!!! now add add.. abt 44 marks gone lor.. those im very sure one is 120-44=76 marks.. haiz.. kind of less huh...... (._.) please~~ let me pass at least~~ i wouldnt wanna dropped out of nursing@!!! *God Bless Me*
you know you love me


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