Strumming Some Heartstrings

Monday, November 24, 2008
at 1:34 AM

The God I Know

Was in the Asia Conference for 4 full days and totally exerted all my energy and time and effort for Him. Hehe, but with a willing n happy heart! :D its really interesting knowing God this way with knowledge and experience that flooded my entire being these 4 days.Was sprinkled in the first day, bathed in the 2nd day, soaked and dived myself in the 3rd- 4th day, now am ready to emerge from God's presence and ready to face the world with a whole new attitude!

It is such a waste not to attend the last session but i prayed and God spoke to me that He will not shortchange me with His grace an anointing, i guess ahli and Alvin knows my heart really well! they knew that i will be heartbroken and sad when i cant go for events like that and i know surely there will be an outpouring of anointing upon all ppl. :( but i am not there cos of work. arghh.. But with their smses, i know what is going on in the grand finale and i know there will be DVD ordered from our cg and i will not missed out altogether! i love God and everyone around me!:P

I want to thank Mavis and Eva n the guys that queue up with me throughout the whole conference that i enjoyed the tiredness and fun making time while we r queueing and different kind of ppl looked at us amazed at the topics we talked about (totally irrelevant and nonsensical, dun think we r so spiritual! :P) haha.. i just simply missed the times we spent together, time just flies without any wings. i love to serve in the conference too, with my team member Juliant and Su Shan and the rest of them serving with me in Echo.

I remembered in this particular day that we need to talk to foreign delegates for 5 mins, a girl told me that she is from CHC KL and she is 24 this yr, she is a writer and she looks alot younger than me! arghh.. okok.. main thing is she says the age of the 20 plus passed very much faster. which i totally agree with her becos i dun think i grab hold of much essence in life these past weeks or should i say months.

Last but not least, i simply love the song by CHC band, The God I Know, although this songs tells us what kind of God we already know, but failed to remember in times of need. we always think that God is not there. But he is faithfully there waiting to talk to us when we initiate.The 2nd part of the song is the best, which says about The Church He Knows, is righteous and holy, the church He knows is faithful n true, is a tower of refugee, ... As He is, So Are We. i dunno what u r perceiving with these part of the lyrics, but to me, God is reassuring the kind of ppl He is trusting with His works, telling us that we r not as small as we think we are, becos we have His power and strength to make a difference in others life. The way He speaks always amazed and convicts me, i know that i can do better than these. Becos He says, As He is, So Are We. :D
you know you love me

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
at 4:12 AM

Asia Conference!

Dear all its the time of the year to really devote our time n energy to something that we like to do again, i really cant wait to be impact and mightily touched by God inside out again.. :D

i just realised my life has been passing me by without my notice, like yongkang went for NS already without meeting us for the last time. Joanne has joined us for svc n cg for almost 1 month, paul has come to know the Lord for more than 3 weeks, i have known Andrew for 1 yr already! since i last grab him on the train last yr and invited him for Christmas last yr! gosh time not just fly, it already flown! :P i missed the times i spent with my sec sch khakis, monica, ah vi. jast, and jasmine n celia, they r so near yet so far from me. i wanted to blog about Liling, Rujing and Juan on my last outing with them at plasma ktv pub. i wanna tell Liling that she is really detailed in caring for ppl, she showed me how to spell CARE with actions and love involved. i really admire the spirit that she carries, which i dun have it with me yet. i want to tell her i'm really glad to know her as a friend and Ruijing has been someone i can find the qualities of a good friend, ppl who will share ur woes n happiness and thinkings alike! :D She love her friends with a sincere heart that her friends besides her r really comfortable with her, with her moral values not compromised even when ppl arounf her have different values.:D Juan is still my friend whom i hope i can bring her closer to God, a friend who will put herself in her friends's shoes and support with her quality time and efforts done her friends. this kind of support from her, nobody has yet able to overtake her, when she knows that u r in trouble, she will reli put down everything to come to u. all these i have yet to say thanks to them and today is already coming to an end of November 2008.

There are still so many things i haven done, so many things i haven fast n prayed enough for. God will u be able to expand my capacity in appreciating the things in my life?

All these happened
you know you love me


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