Strumming Some Heartstrings

Friday, May 15, 2009
at 1:42 PM

Being a blessing and not always come to be blessed
Attended yet another memorable session with Poh, what really amazed me is that every single time he came with such enthusiasm that blew me away for the 2nd time in 8days! He never fail to prepare himself to give his best to us, the experiences he went through is enough to keep me gg on to strive for the best to give unto the best.

Like what he said, we onli have 44 meetings to bring God to the ppl, worship leaders and guitarists shared half the pulpit with the preacher and need to work closely with with the cgl to make things work in the cgm. every new chord we play or a new note a new song revive God's presence to another level in the cgm. Music is so important it brings goosebumps and touches our spirit and soul in our life. :X We got to bring back good music into God's kingdom which in the 1st place belongs to us.

Dynamics in guitar strokes and in song leader's voice are required to prepare ppl's hearts and guide them to a place where they have nv been b4 in worship n praise. The dynamics dont bring ppl up all the way, and nv bring ppl down all the way, but its is like waves and waves of dynamics that keeps the ppl want for more. Its a roller coaster ride!!

God chose Lucifer to be the song leader in Heaven, becos He loved Lucifer and knows that he is able to bring good music to the soul n spirit of others, Poh says there r pipes and chimes on his body that when Lucifer flew, he make lots of nice music!!! haha.. i really can see the images in my head! :P He is so talented, but he chose to glorify himself.

I love the other 2 Mighty Angels too, Gabriel the Messenger and Michael the fighter Angel! Both are ArchAngels in Heaven. :D

In free worship, Poh taught us the G chord Progressions in 12 ways. which already blew my mine, what about other chords? lol i think i will take a lifetime to learn more about my guitar! Each Chord progression brings ppl into God's presence. and in free worship we lead ppl into singing in tongues not force them, so we got to slowly use our strokes and each words to bring them in and linger in God, just like Mary who chose to stay at the side of Jesus and not busy with everyday life which may appear so much more impt.

Poh says when he sees ppl cry in God's presence it meant something to him. What his heart wants after each worship sessions is just a word from pastor to acknowlege that The worship session is good and lingers in thick God's presence. :) I think it shall be my Goal too, to step into a place where we have nv been b4, so that we can bring the ppl over in the Battle field = CGM!! Practice Hard! Fight Easy!! if u practice easy u will need to fight real hard!! and the ppl will be lost in the praise n worship.

P&W = experiencing God Preaching = knowledge of God, if only knowing so much about God, u will onli have head knowledge but ur heart will nv feel God and experience God. Its as impt as preaching becos one cannot do without another, we need both.

I have been rather confused with what am doing recently, busy with the article that i have not found, frustrated over it, watching drama which makes me cry everytime, and makeing new friends in my life that confuses me too.. haha duno how to explain. with things which cluster my heart, with my best friend leaving for the better to another cell. Sending my blessing to u guys leh!! u guys better treasure ok!!! SHE IS MY TREASURE!!! She can do nothing except bringing Knowledge and Love from the bottom of her heart! Hope u guys can handle her with care, She's fragile too! Pat her back when needed to, give her a hug in happy n sad times means alot to her, buy her fave hello kitty to let her know she deserve to be blessed, in return she will flood u with her words of encouragement and Service u!

Haha! joking la, this precious friend of mine, her heart is v soft, she feels for the slightest gesture of care n concern, she reciprocates ur love for her! if there is anything softer than her heart will be cotton candy!! lolz. Im really happy that she is walking to a new land where new breakthroughs are waiting for her at the other side of the road. Be blessed friend. U left a deep footprint in my heart.

you know you love me

Wednesday, May 13, 2009
at 2:40 PM

God made every Girl Different

Jus realised how bizaare it is to have many friends who had their birthdays in May,yet with so different personalities and characters. some are a few days before me, some are 10 over days after mine, and i have got 1 who got the same birthday as mine. :D

All different, some are more analytical, more cautious with words, some r just sensitive to deeds done to her, some are strong on the outside but inside of her cries herself to sleep, some didnt know they need ppl to care for them, always helping themselves and felt contented. some r terribly jovial, longsuffering, friends oriented, some just prefer private space to spend time with themselves. Sociable, friendly are what all of us appear, but inside of us they is always a need to be fulfiled that only God can complete, a love that is unconditional to them, a love that flood their hearts every moment of their life.

Haha, i just prayed a prayer for all u girls, we will find this kind of love that surrounds us and love us as who we are ok? dont give up on life when it hasnt give up on u ya! :)

Loads of Love,
Hazel Zoe.
you know you love me

Monday, May 11, 2009
at 2:28 AM

HAPPY Birthdae HVKZ!
Precious card made by Yuxin~ its soooooooo Unique!!!

A 10 Yr old msg from a 10 Yr old friend.. JES.

A Bright Pink Jacket to brighten up the dull n cold days! By Alvin, Harry n Steven.

A Gorgeous Bag by my Friend Cum Leader in the midst of Trials.. Gershon!!!

Vouchers from Attributes to get my fave Pastor's audio! From Juan Jes n WK!

A long awaited Cash Voucher from ALDO to get my fave heels! From LEEN, Jean, Mag and rest~

A Treasured word of Encouragement from Alvin the Smiley! Its a book of Me!!

Its 3D ok!!!

This book triggers my thinking everytime i visit MPH! Thanks to Mic and Guys to get this for me!

Calming music to soothe my soul while i pray! From Mavis n guys! they gave me a PURPUR hairdryer too!! its hanging in my bathroom now, difficult to take foto!

Swarovski Cystal neckless by my Elder Sis!

Swatch watch by my 2nd Sister! limited mother's day edition!

Thank You for making it happened! my birthday celebration with my families! :D

you know you love me


The Queen

Hi,This is Zel and i belong to a physical family on earth and going back to my Daddy's place when I finished what i was suppose to do in this short span of time here. :) ... more


LBD + hangbag from BYSI
Crystal Row Black from Swatch
Nice pencil case for school
Swarovski Love pendant
perfect gift for sum1
2 integrated friend within connect
The Body Shop LOVE ETC edp


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