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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
at 12:14 AM


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Saturday, June 26, 2004
at 11:12 AM

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at 11:08 AM

How to make a Hazel

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004
at 11:26 PM

today was a busy day...went out to my ah yi house to get ba zhan den go out wif my maid n mum to ps to buy my maid's bday present...~ hmm quite a nice dress for her.! hmm hope she like it!!!den can wear to my sister wedding..

after that i met vi n jasty at somerset... kuku de.. so far.. den i walk walk from ps to somerset..i was all sweating already lor wearing the jacket somemore.. hmm my mum bought a jacket for me giodano one.. becos my skirt reli too loose... wanna drop le.. den have to buy a jacket to cover. the first thing we go meet moni liao le lor.. then so disappointed she say my blog too uninteresting le!!! arGGHHHHHH... haiz.. too emotionless le.. WAT THE HECK!!!! help man!!! :( wad a sad day...

after meet moni we go to crystal jade to buy an egg tart, moni eat dinner.. wah reli so jie shen.. but truth is the food there quite ex lar.. but i suggest moni if she reading this blog, make sandwich lor.. can kept till dinne rmahz.. use ham and cheese or fry an egg in the afternoon or mornign also can mahz..

after eating moni say wanna go LV shop and see see the keypouch.. den we didnt realise that jasty was bring her "market" plastic bag and we actually wanna go in wif that.. hahaha. moni n vi say take out my jacket n cover the plastic back.. wah.. wat a zhao. den we tried to cover but cant even cover 1/2 the bag... sian sian.. -.-||||| (think of that part again reli makes me laugh xp!!!) ke lian in the end jasty took out the plastic bag and stuff her wool inside her bag.. the knitting stick dunno can hide wear.. heng thin enough den she pretend hugging it and go into the shop le.. hehe heard jasty say the LV shop man saw us using the jacket to cover the stick.. reli paiseh sia... hahaha.. vivi say look like wanna rob the shop wif a weapon undercover.. dotz.. (copyright from Jasty)

Went in the shop and saw vi n moni like the keypouch.. the checked one quite ncie and cheaper also.. but cost also quite exxxxx $240. wah liewz.. vi ah vi can dun buy so ex hingy anot!! so ex!!! can buy how many clothes n shoes lehx.. for me i can buy at least 5 solid things which i like from the shops le.. this kind of thing buy also so small not easy can see. den the 2 piece of leather also will black de leh.. =x kkk enough. stop saying le if not the vi angry =x...

after that nothing much happen we went back to ps to meet jasty mum.. wah very tiring leh!!! walk here and there... -.-||| den we go n eat yoshi lor... hmm after that go home le.. poor vi have to take nsL back to yck.. me and jasty take neL.. hmm good sia.. got companion back to Hg.. hehehe.. next time go jasty house learn knitting~ open sesame OPEN! say until sesame i also hungry le.. go find some food le. byez...
you know you love me

Thursday, June 17, 2004
at 4:30 PM

Your sign of frustration is....Ignoring! Instead
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at 4:24 PM

You should be wearing the colour....Yellow! Yellow
is known to be the first colour the human eye
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What colour should you be wearing?
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at 4:17 PM

You're a Caramel!! You are known for your
sweetness. You are comfortable with yourself,
and help others feel the same way about
themselves. You are generally friendly to
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at 10:16 AM

wah.. so many things happen in ah vi's life.. i still dunno reli is "MAN BAN PAI". sorry ah vivi... haiz.. seldom online.. so no chance to see your blog.. also bo tok to u online de.aiyo... i dun even have the chance to say "hope u r fine". now ur mood swing over le.. i think mine coming soon le.. (-.-||)thank god have blog this thing if not i will NEVER noe wad happened.hey wanna tell u gals something.. wo ye hen ai ni men~ :D~~

actually i wanna blog abt the chalet stuff de.. hmm maybe just say the main point lar.. hmm reli happy that my dear would join one of my family gathering.. haiz. can say my dream came true.. !!!he reli is 9/10 times i ask him to my family gathering like a dinner at my house or go my sis ROM, he surely wun turn up de.. and not to say the 1/10 times is either i threaten or trick him to come de.. _.-|| ke lian ritE? on the first day of the chalet he came around in the evening.. stomach full full de..aiyooy.. i bbq the food he also touch 1/2 onli.. liewz. den he bought my mum's fave durian, after a few mins of dividing the durians.. all durians left wif the "ke" onli. then after that we went cycling awhile around the resort.. my uncle say need to go back pick his son come so weall board HIS bus go back amk.. (my uncle is drive shuttle bus de..) den so we all hop in the bus, next we went back colin's house to pack some clothes for staying overnight at the chalet.. the can see colin's family quite shock de la~ whole bus of kids waving to them after we left~ all my cousins~
next day early in the morning eat some kaya toast den go cycling wif colin again play abit of badminton the weather is reli too hot!!! so we head to the pool le~ den saw my sis they all also there~ wah paiseh... i 1st time wear my yellow swim suit.. abit pao lu.. so i nv take out the top tee.. :x had a fun time la.. wah there got one slide for kids le lar..den i act clever go n play in the end all the water go tru my nose!! so uncomfortable!!! my dear say heng im not those outgoing type. he dun like other guys see me. i more of the LAZY type lor after swimming reli tired so i move to the bed there read the storybook till i sleep..
around evening time we go the basketball court play.. wah my dear n 2 cousins reli not the match of those at the court ones.. from 0/2 to 4/20... den decided dun play le reli paiseh ahaha.. but i nv say out la! =z
awhile more i ask colin go n eat the bbq food if not no time le.. he say he dun feel like eating. wtf... play so long i noe his stomach well, sure hungry de lor.. but just dun dare to eat. not long after it, his dad came le.. fetch him back n cant see him for the rest of the night till the next day after noon le~

Ps: dear u see~ my family members r not monsters wad.. also wun eat u up de.. try to gather wif them more k~? love ya!
you know you love me

Tuesday, June 15, 2004
at 11:07 AM

You're Gothic.  Thanks for taking my quiz.  Please vote for it.
You're Gothic.
Alone, cold, and distant, you're typically the
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The world is a cold place--And you understand
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Punk or Gothic?
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at 10:51 AM

You are green. Perhaps one of the most balanced of
all the colors. By balanced, I mean balanced
in both bad and good parts. Let me elaborate:
You're a natural, and somewhat superficial
person. You're extremely generous, but, to add
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You're a forgiving, but jealous person. You're
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What color are you? (Amazingly detailed & accurate--with pics!)
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you know you love me

at 10:42 AM

yoho... back from chalet le.. tired... shit man! nv go the wild wild wet.. hmm next time bah.... hope to go shopping with you ahh soon!!!!
you know you love me

Saturday, June 12, 2004
at 10:34 PM

yoz... today went ot my sister's ROM.. hmm.. she is the most beautiful girl there le lor!!! aiyoyoy... the prettist dress award n photogenic fave award of the day!!! muhahaa.. my sister's fan!! yeah!! paiseha bit siao ah.. -.-||| hmm my sister reach tere still must queue up de, den wait tobe cALL up to the solermnization room.. wah.. the person who say the vow for them.. reli very serious.. the words reli very gan dong~~ i teared abit la... very lousy rite.. so little bit also cry.. but i truly felt happy for her.. that my er jie fu will be faitlful to her, treating her wif all the love n concern no matter poverty or rich, in health or in sickness.. *Gan Dong*... sobz... haiz.. nothign much le.. actually awhile onli la.. the room they went in is Joy... got the other 2 rooms, are cherish and love.. dunno the room is wad colour de.. must be very nice too!! :) my sister say nice yr she gonna choose the Love room... hehee.. i prefered cherish more. cherish the person for ur whole lifetime~ sooo romantic! :D

PS: dear sis~ hope u have a very xinfu and wonderful marriage aheaD!!! love u n miss u...
you know you love me

Saturday, June 05, 2004
at 10:09 PM

shit the blogger!!!! just now written one post for ytd the movie now all deleted!!! fuk...

ytd me n attachment friends serene and sasi to watch "Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban". they are reli nice ppl in the hosp becos they work and help me out n help to make my hosp life much more interesting... =x thanks to them.. haiz. reli hope after one more week of attachment still can keep in contact wif them..

hmmm its quite an interesting but the sound effect not that nice leh.. maybe becos the show got alot of kids watching so rather soft in the theatres..den plus i dunno the story line the whole show becomes such a bored.. keke tot ell the truth i was alomost asleep when the show reacht he not so exciting part. keke sorry to all the harry potter fans especially Jast. k lar the show watchable but definitely not at ps... the sound effect suckz.hmm the show lasted for 2 1/2 hrs plus some commercial in the front reli acts up to abt nearly 3 hrs... wah i into bie the niao reli can die becos i dun wanna misss any parts.. (in case have)

hehe after the show i meet my deary at ps wah we reli xing you ling xi... becos we wanna go toilet after the movie and i just pressed 4th level int he elevator den he was reli there... =x he's the best... anyway ytd was the 1 yr 4th month anniversary together.. nv reli celebrate le.. deary hope u like the post care i made although not very nice la.. =x thanks for everything that u've commited in thsi relationship...

hold your hand and walk through the deepest valley and warmest sunshine till the last moment of my u.
you know you love me


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