Strumming Some Heartstrings

Thursday, February 26, 2009
at 2:54 PM

My New Kate Spade Bag!!!

Finally received it from US the bag which i ordered 2 weeks ago, it was sorted of my "first" branded bag after so long and so unexpectantly, using my own money of course. :) And best of all, it is still during Building fund period time. i think God is still good to make sure in times like this we can still enjoy things in life!

It has a cushion feel and when u hold it u just cant put it down! :P although it wasnt sort of tai tai looking it has a simple n comfortable look which most od my bags couldn't compare!
Below is a glimpse of the inner design which contributes 50% of desire why i wanna get this bag. :D poker dots pretty!

Last but not least, ytd is the first day of Single plus course, which is very much of equipping ourselves with and having self awareness of our own problems becos we say we enter into a relationship. Was quite interesting with drawings of pigs and analysing different character traits which we didnt realise it ourselves! Alright! i shouldnt elaborate more! becos i heard it is being held every year by Mr Jeremy Choy! :D its fun la! except one thing... Got no time to sleep in the class!!! muhahaha....... -.-
you know you love me

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
at 10:57 AM


Jean is a very beautiful girl who touches my heart when she chose to sit down with you one on one, you will feel comforted unknowingly, and share the whole world of thoughts with her if u can talk to her abit longer! :) She doesn't have any problem with new ideas and creative input when we come to organizing events and special occasions, she is the one which is bursting with enthusiasim even b4 anyone could pick themselves up. :P

She takes good care of the people around her, having to know her for nearly 6 yrs, i sometimes think that i haven finish discovering her world yet, becos she is always full of surprises that warms ur heart which is in her nature. i want to know her more n more though, becos she is different, very different from the Jean i knew her initially, she is becoming more matured in her thinking, her ways of caring are of another level, God's wisdom is so ever increasing as she chose to spend more time with God, oh, and did i tell u she is super good at handling stress and circumstances that come unexpectedly, this one i really admire her alot. I just simply love her, even we didnt share many things in common, or not living nearby, she loves me for who i am, not picking on me.

Thank you Jean for being in my life.
Love Haze
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
at 10:09 PM

As the Valentine's approaches

"Life still goes on" said one of my colleague who has a recent crush on a guy, but knowing that he has another girl on his heart, having feelings of ups and downs at its extremes, enjoying the high of the unknown yeap hate the wait of guessing. haha.. i guess i am really getting matured. the feelings of so called "romance" was all around my surrounding, but not on me. There r ppl sharing with me thoughts which i myself think how or when is the last time i thought about love? this is a funny, distant feeling that i felt lost touch with. Am i having the gift of Calibacy? oh God. lol.

It set me thinking again when Gershon asked me about it, i dunno how to answer him, cos my life is filled to the brim with all the ppl in my life, but yet still have that seat left empty. Surprisingly, i didnt have that feeling of fear and loneliness i once felt since i am single. its a long time, and cant understand why my colleagues kept thinking that i am attached, maybe i looked too happy and fulfiled in the things that i do, i look like i've lacked nothing. keke, guess it is truw, becos when u have found God, He seems to fill up ur life up to its contentment. Hmm.. its my own opinion for myself, doesnt apply to anyone else ok? hehe...

Yeap after receiving failure even before u strike, hurts and cost u to say " life still goes on" i hope the course that she had today went fine. i dunno if that sound alright to you, but the way she says in even in her smile, i can only feel a spirit of rejection. was praying for her throughout the day, even when the ward is very busy, i cast my usual prayers for Steven, Ah li and Alvin and the rest of connectgroup aside, talking in tongues when i dunno whatelse she needs but it kept re-enacting the scene of what she said in my mind. anyway, this is how i usually talk to God, whatever is hard on my mind about someone, i will just continue praying until i feel that the burden is lifted up to God. Unsure if i am doing the right thing, but i felt better afterwards. Lots of stuff was in my thoughts, the ppl on my mind cant seem to get out of their circumstances and learn to lean on God, cant reach out to ppl in a loving way. Sometimes i felt helpless, i felt headache and feel like vomiting it all out, but i cant, this is a body i must preserve, if not i cant do anything or run this race for Him. I love Him. :D

If there r times when ur life is alright but ur mind just run wild with thoughts that r unrealistic n uncertain, what do u do?
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LBD + hangbag from BYSI
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