Strumming Some Heartstrings

Saturday, December 27, 2003
at 11:02 PM

you know you love me

at 10:41 PM

haiz.. today reli a rotten day sia.. hate it hate it hate it!!!! i hate LIARS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. f**K ALL OF THEM! why why why? tell the truth so difficult meh? lying is so convenient...... if i nv threathen him he wun tell the truth de.. even so small thing like play gunbound also must lie.. i dunno wadever things he cannot lie to me....... he say he onli lie abt GB, not say he unfaithful or wad... i say le.. what is there to be afraid of? im not those unreasonable ones ritE?He even say thati online to tok to guys.. when didn't!! hate to be yuan wang also.. blamed for something i didnt do reli hurts... n somemore is someone so dear to me.. the worse part is he dun even seem or sound repentful. its just the usual it s all my fault.... sorry all that.. hey if a person's not repentful... wad the f**k is a SORRY? cut it off n get of my ass man...... haiz.. he doesn't reli treasure me tat much as b4... maybe losing me also doesn't cost much. just now when he called again.. he say he said b4 he is not as good as i think he is.. kept saying sorry n sorry..(wad does he mean? i should continue to accept his lies?) i msg him.. can there is a promise that there is no lies btwn us? he didnt replied...... he said he's afraid to make any promises..... (are promises meant to be broken?) keke.. gals.. reli.. loving a person isn't easy... accepting his flaws r as difficult. it takes a lot to pick up those broken pieces again n again.... hope i still have the strength When u r hurt u can always turn to the one who love u.....
*Who do u Turn 2 if the one who huRt u the most is the one whom u loved the most?*
you know you love me

at 2:58 PM

You are an extrovert, usually. You ove color and
try to wear as much of it as possible at one
time. Youa re friendly, and creative. You
usually like music that has a good beat, and
with good meaning in the lyrics. You are
smarter than you seem.

What Kind Of Person Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
you know you love me

at 2:47 PM

Love is just a lie made to make you blue love hurts
You're Love Hurts by Nazareth. You think
about what your ex did to you and say that love
sucks. I'll never fall inlove again. Yet you
do. Love really does suck, but you got to face
the facts and realize that love can be good,
not just a lie.

Which Love Sick Song Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
you know you love me

Friday, December 26, 2003
at 2:51 AM

yoz~ now 26th of dEcember le.. just came back from work.. idiot shouldnt work until 2.. onli extra 8.30 from 12mn to 2.. wah.. i cough until my stomach pain liao..~ anyone help.. dun tell me im going to get super sick again? . hope not.. *touch wood*.k la.. nothing to blog too.. last night the christmas eve celebration sux.. haiz.... that bloody bf.. spoil my mood again. hopE nothing goes wrong on new yr's eve... (cross my fingers)
you know you love me

Wednesday, December 24, 2003
at 6:17 AM

yoz yoz.. tio complain liao.. better blog today.. lolz.. couldn't sleep de whoel night.. if not i owun on the com n do blog de.. hehehee........ lazy la!!! some more nothign much to blog.. ytd just do the manicure.. idiot de.. the colour like shit.. then now abit peel off le.. cos just now work mahz.. hmm couldnt imagine myself wifout sleep for so long sia... my insomia come back le... nan dao........ nan dao wo de le you yu zheng? ... hmmm bu ke si yi.. nothing to wear on christmas eve lehx.. maybe tomorrow go n shop for new clothes lor.. hmm my boyfriend likes the shirt we all "gamble" to buy sia.... keke.. not bad he say... finally something nice... phEwz.. i nv make him card la,... i wrote the whole of the wrapper beehind n wrap n give him... lolz very scared he tear off n throw away n nv read sia.. sian... heng he nv ... very long wor.. i wrote for ablmost 2 hrs then finish de... -.-" thank you gals!!! if not for u all i would have chosen something he dun like again.. wait i christmas broken hearted again.. hurhur... ~~>.<~~ k la.. he very touched.. but he nv wrote any card for me yet.. sian... present also haven buy.. should gif him this kind of surprise hor... wait 1 yr no surprise le.. hohoho... Santa cLaus is coming to Town~!
you know you love me

Monday, December 15, 2003
at 9:06 AM

Forgot to add something... hmm.. girlfriends r reli important creatures in our lifes.. even when u r married or wif kids.. or got a boyfriend.. it doesn't matter becos in the end.. they r the ones who comfort u .. lend u their shoulder spend happy moments together..wad they say may not be wad u like to hear.. but they r honest wif u.. Dun Ever forGEt ur GIRLFRIENDS!!! (i almost wrote gril-friends.. hmm yummy~! :P)
you know you love me

at 8:56 AM

hmm today monday le.. my Dear kepT man yuan that on sAturday he worked alone... becos i didnt come for work... i go dye hair.. my hair like dye one leh... actually i highlighted... idiot one hor.. haiz.. i highlight red.. but like whole head red leh.. cant reli see the brown unless observe very carefully la... hmm he ytd reli idiot leh.. make me run back n forth from my house to 88 busstop 2-3 times... i wanna die liao .. becos i made him some honey lemon water.. thinkhe must be thirsty n scared he already board the bus.. so i run very fast.. idiot de...he all the way behind me see me run here n there.. wad the hell.. -.-||| he say its a good way for me to slim down... tamade.. i was fuming of cos.. i run like mad woman wor.. he still can at there smile.. ;|*fork him.. hmm now listening to christmas carols.~~ hurhur~ my sister bought the cd.. Jazz one. not bad hor..sdometimes i listen le will wanna sleep.. anyway ytd i already prepare presents for exchange le... all under $10 leh.. so u all adjust ur budget too k.. keke those things u sure have seen b4.. but i think if i were to have them i iwll be happy... ekeke.. ytd all i buy one i also hope to owe them~~ sobxz... arbo mai exchange le la.. :X.. i take my own present.. :D joking!!!
you know you love me

Saturday, December 13, 2003
at 10:48 AM

hmm ytd was a wonderful night wif my deaR.. First timE bahz./. i think we reli sit down and tok abt how we feel n chat up~ we were at esplanade from 12-2am... after watching the love comedy "love Actually" not bad sia the show although in front i abit catch no ball.. but hugh grant is reli funny lor!! cannot help it.. theromantic tactics of marrying a girl they love reli is unique n touching sia.. keke. some parts reli touch my heart.. hmm Christmas is coming... later i gonna dye my hair n gif it a hair cut.. dunno dye wad colour lehx.. after tat dunno should go n work anot.. abit sian lehx.. dye already dunno can work anot.. or maybe shouldn't dye so obvious colours.. aiyoyo.. dunno leh.. i going wif my sister later.. hehe got someone accompany me also good la.. only $65 onli wor~!! plus cut plus treatment.. not bad hor.. keke.. thinking of christmas haven buy those 3 imps presents lehx.. n my dear.. hmm dunno wad to get for him.. he reli got alot of things he like lehx.. aiyoyo............. hope time dun pass so fast.. becos haven think of a pressie.. somemore nowadays broke sia.. haven work for a few days le.. aRGGHH.. next week still got family chalet on monday tues n wed... maybe go work at night lor.. sian.. .. blog finish..
you know you love me

at 10:36 AM

my style of love is:
To me, love is chaste and selfless and spiritual.
what's your style of love?
| where love goes to die.
you know you love me

Friday, December 12, 2003
at 12:24 AM


You are a very calm and contemplative person. Others are drawn to your peaceful, nurturing nature.

Find out your color at Quiz Me!

you know you love me

Thursday, December 11, 2003
at 11:56 PM

Love-a-Lot Bear
You love to take care of others and people love being around you because you make them feel appreciated. You are very sweet and soft-spoken. You are also a romantic and consider yourself an excellent matchmaker, so you tend to be a bit nosy. But everyone still considers you the sweetest person they know.

you know you love me

at 10:47 PM

haiz.. just now blogged de all deleted away liao.. tamade.. hmm.. now i listening to ying yue ri ji by 933 one.. quite sad n touching leh.. sobz... but is my sister dug out from her cupboard one.. its last yr one.. but stil making me cry lolz.. today i go shaw house bought my first levi's jeans.. hehe so old then buy.. lousy sia.. but nvm i bought the same type of jeans as my bf.. keke.. next time we can go out together wearing even same jeans!! :D lolz i using my own money to buy one wor.. but the price not as high as i expected.. heng~~~ aiyo that idiot QL go genting le.. no one tok to me in irc... today at far east also bought a pair of flurry bedroom slippers~ :x black one.. sexy~ keke.. actually wanna buy blue one but no size 7!! arGHH~~~ but nvm la.. black is SEXy~! okok... hmm i still got one more thing haven buy that is nike shoes... hmm the pink n grey stripes one left 6 1/2 liao.. no more 7..:'( then i think have to find another design one lor.. wad to do.. -.-"" sian.. when will ppl date me out sia.. at home very sian leh!!! k la.. go bathe le.. ciaoz*
you know you love me

Saturday, December 06, 2003
at 4:20 PM

hmm more than 10 days nv blogged le.. hmm.. firstly my thailand trip for me is cancelled becos of the bloody sup paper coming this monday.. sobz... failed my bio again.. but this time i got study le.. hope i wun vomit n headche again.. ke lian me these few days at home grounded to study.. arGHH!~~ but nvm la.. look on the bright side lor.. today is my bb's practical again~ hope he will passed it this time..hmm just finished memorising the essay qns which add up 60% of the whole paper.. the rest.. i just read thru bahz.. becos .. if i study the mcq i will forget the essay qns anwses.. :P forgetful me.. well.. lastly say very sorry to jasmine n vi n jast~ cant buy B*a for u all le.. :X next yr mahz.. haha.. i will make sure i pass it this time n NO MORE SUP PAPERS FOR ME NEXT YR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH... ok lar go back study le.. den next week must do my christmas shopping n get hold of all the addresses of you guyS~ ******hey girls reading my blog pls leave ur address on my tag board!!!****** thankz!
you know you love me


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